John Chow Has Nothing on the Menu

John Chow has been putting so many pictures of his dinner platters on his blog. Since I came back from vacation (Panama) and took some food pictures, I decided to put them up as well. I also want to share my experience with all my readers about my world experience as well. This post is uncategorized since there is no real category for it on my blog.

The food in Panama is very tasteful and full of flavor. Almost everything that I ate and tried had a total different taste, I did not put photos of KFC or McDonald’s, because that would defeat the purpose of the foods of Panama. The pizza you see is not a Pizza Hut pic. I enjoyed my tasteful treats within Panama, trying new foods of culture easily enticed my taste buds.

I hope you enjoyed this Uncategorized post, I now have to organize my suitcases and now return to blogging! I also would like to thank Jermiah, Endoh, Thomas, and Jeremy for guest blogging within my blog! I hope you have learned from their posts.

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