John Chow vs John Cow: I Can't Spell

By Ian Fernando

This morning when checking one of my favorite blogs, I mistakenly typed in the wrong URL and was directed to another website. I know you have heard of That was the blog I was directed too. I have heard of prior to my misspelling and was very interested in their site, gathering the traffic from peoples mistakes.

JohnCow copies the prior layout of to maybe confuse the fat fingered readers. A parody maybe. This technique is not old but it is useful. There are sites like these that gather traffics from popular websites and have it filtered to theirs. is not the only one that imitates the old JohnChow template, there are so many bloggers and authors out there that imitate John Chows' ideas, posts, template design etc to try to become the next internet mogul. Every reader wants to learn and become that expert or at least start making money on the internet. By simply just imitating another blog does not mean success.

This speaks different for JohnCow. He uses a tactic which is pretty popular with eBay and keyword optimization, misspelled words. These misspelled words generate income for a lot of eBayers and produce lots of traffic for cheap for Adwords users. With my experience this is not the first time I found sites by simply misspelling. Take for example the popular, but if you type (without the 's') you go to Ewen Chia's article content site. Smart.

This marketing strategy is very helpful when growing your blog or website. Instead of doing this marketers will purchase domain names that end with .net .org .tv etc just to see a market change of traffic.

Back to John Cow vs John Chow.

Now with the update of the new template on John how will John Cow compete? Will he change his layout as well? Well here is a great interview by Info4BeingRich at BlogSpot, here is question one:

Q1.We have been seeing a site named, which looks exactly like your site. What do you feel could be the purpose of them making their site exactly like yours?

John Chow said, "Isn't it obvious? They want to leech off the success of my site."

On asking the same question John Cow replied, "We recognize a working formoola when we see one and are basically leeching of his success."

Well, I read John Cow almost on a daily basis as with John Chow - both proves to have some good information and useful insights.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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