Just Bought an LLC - My First Reactions

By Ian Fernando

First of all read about corporations!! I just registered my LLC and bought the domain name for my company. With a lot of reading and asking a lot of people on my twitter, Facebook, AIM, YM, etc - I finally bought and registered my company name. This is a big jump for me as I was not going to register an LLC until I was really banking. But after reading a lot of articles and blog posts, I decided to go a head and buy one.

When I first got into buying my company name I wasn't really that interested. I was telling myself to do all my projects under my name and affiliate marketing under my name. I didn't want to go ahead to open a new bank acct for my business, have it registered, deal with lawyers and all that, so I just waited.

I actually started researching corporations after reading Zac Johnson's post on INC and LLC differences. This actually interested me to look into getting a company name. I was doing everything under my name and I wanted my projects to be under a company name. It sounds better, my company name on the footer of all my websites or projects. It just sounds more official; I also wanted to cover myself when I do affiliate marketing. I do not want to get in trouble with the smaller CPA offers or bigger CPA offers. I feel safe with my LLC on my sites, projects, ebooks, etc.

With so many research and new aspects of a company learned - I was confused and lost. I asked so many people and all gave me a lot of different answers. None of the answers related to another's answer, I was unable to do a comparison. But reading more and more I decided to go ahead and setup an LLC with LegalZoom. I saw similar services but LegalZoom was more thorough than the other services I inquired about.

LegalZoom was more expensive, but I think it was more in depth than the other websites I visited and inquired about. I am now just waiting for my package to come through and I will be set. I feel better that I have a company name. I feel better that I can say I am a founder of a company. All my websites are covered under my LLC. Here is a small description of what an LLC is:

A limited liability company (abbreviated by L.L.C. or LLC) in the law of many of the United States is a legal form of business company offering limited liability to its owners.

Source: Wikipedia

I believe having an LLC boost your confidence and even gives you more of a drive to treat your business as a real business! I would suggest to register your company name and feel more confident your projects, affiliate marketing, business (part or full) is secure under your company name. It gives you more courage to even do more and take your business to a new level. You just feel different when you have a company name than just your name.

The hassles I found with configuring my LLC was the questions being asked when I was applying. It took me almost a week till I finally finalize my registration. They ask so many strange things which I Googled throughout the week. LegalZoom asked a multitude of questions such as title, units, am I hiring in the next 12 months, percentages, and all this stuff that I had to research. But it was good they asked because I would probably need to know these things and read up on it later on.

Finding the time and reading up on LLC is important or any type of corporation. It provides the necessary input for a young aspiring entrepreneur to go out and start his own company, a company I like the sound of that!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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