JV Alert Philadelphia - Expanding my Realm

By Ian Fernando

I have been talking and saying this a couple times now and I am taking the necessary steps to expand. This past weekend I attended JV Alert Live! It is a private joint venture seminar that last about 4 days, where 3 of the days are informative ways on how to build your website and make money online.

The big difference with this private event and other trade shows and conferences is JV Alert is more intimate and I personally feel it is more family oriented. I know Ken McArthur for a while now and I have been to his other JV Alert in Washinton DC.

Also the reason why I attend JV Alert is because it was in Philly which is only about an hour away from me. Another big reason is to connect with other internet marketers and let them know about my new ecourse product, Infinite FB.

JV Alert being more for joint venture partnerships and helping others grow is a great way to talk and networks with others that can help me expand into other fields of internet marketing. I also met some great copywriters and even other marketers that I have sen at other events, such as the Underground seminar and the Magic Bullet.

I also get to meet up with friends in the space such as the obvious Ken McArthur, Kevin, Puls, Brian Edmondson, and  Joel Comm. I have known Ken for almost 3 years now, amazing how time flies. Interesting part about Joel Comm is I first met him at Affiliate Summit West, my first Affiliate Summit too, so that is also close to 3 years!

Great how relationships grows over time and I respect Joel a lot since I have followed him since I first started on the internet. So I find it really amazing that we are good friends on the interwebs. I just think Joel's internet marketing strategies are far greater and better than most 'gurus' out there.

Anyways, I also brought some of my friends that wanted to start an online business. They are actual great friends, in this case more like family. So I decided to help them and bring them to JV Alert.

One of them is actually working with me in my business and helping me do the tasks I really do not like doing. Some are just editing my writing, writing mini blog posts, finding and contacting people, running my Facebook Fanpage, helping with my multiple twitter accounts, posting, commenting, etc.

She also helps me with my paperwork and interfaces with emails/appointments that I can't get to. She helps me get organize and stays in contact with other events or networks that I can't get in constant communication with. She helps me stay on point with my business, especially when it comes to organizing my spending and keeping track of my receipts.

I have also brought her sister as well, since we all grew up together they know where I came from and how I did prior to my online career. So they know Ian Fernando first hand. Her sister just graduated college and I was telling her not to even bother getting a job and to start getting an online presence on what she likes to do.

Both of these girls are very driven and I do not mind helping them get to where they want. So I started them with JV Alert and they get to meet with millionaires and see who I interact with. They can talk business and grasp the idea of internet marketing and how the internet revolves digitally.

I just want to thank Ken McArthur for having such a great event.

Off Topic...

Amish and Jose from Magic Bullet says it best "...the amount of money you will make is the average income of who you hang with"

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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