Kajabi is Useless, 4 Products that Makes Up Kajabi

By Ian Fernando

writing this late. I'm tired.

I just noticed all 4 of the ads on my Facebook wall have to deal with Kajabi. I sat and watch the 24 minute presentation, looks real interesting and looks like a solid product. It is technology like this that sells because it is easy and it is a push button system. I bet that even after this product does its pre-sell and all that other stuff, my own system is cheaper. Also, I met Andy Jenkins real cool guy.

Why, simple I did this with my own mini launch of Infinite FB and I didn't use this Kajabi thing. I did however notice all the big launches and took into consideration that these methods work. So why recreate the wheel, I decided to simply just create the same exact process. The problem is how to do all this, I conceptually thought of the process and the funnel, but implementing was another thing.

Well if you can't afford the price tag of Kajabi which is probably going to be a killer price. These are the tools I used that did what Kajabi did. It did require some work, like thinking on your own - but that is what you have to do.

Here are 4 scripts that you will need:

First you will need a squeeze page, it is obvious that you need to capture leads. There are 2 scripts that I use Squeeze Page Generator, Squeeze Theme, or Hot Video Squeeze Themes. You need to start capturing leads, I use both system base on the need I am in. Squeeze Page Generator has built in templates that actually work and is being used in the marketing space. While Squeeze Template is a drag and drop wordpress plugin catering to what you want your squeeze page to look like.

Both has it's benefits. If you know code and can move some simple HTML stuff around then  Squeeze Page Generator is for you, if you don;t know any code, then Squeeze Theme it is!

Then you will need a theme that will show a video a the top and then comments for social proof. I use Product Launch WP Theme, amazing theme. It is very simple to use and implement. It is a top bar with 2 columns style theme. Obviously the top bar will have your video, the bottom columns have your comments and then the previous video series.

The best part about this theme is if they are on day 2, they see day 1 video and not day 1 - 5. So it keeps them on track! Very simple. The only work you have to do is implement your Facebook Social comment system yourself. It isn't hard - yes it is work!

The next part is the membership part for your content. Another amazing wordpress system is WishList Member! It is one of the most powerful membership plugins out there. I currently run my own membership sites and wishlist is just an amazing system and gives you full control of the members and users and the community.

Lastly, WP Drip is friggin an amazing script! It drips content and it does it with ease! It only works with Wishlist but it is definitely worth having because it keep the retention rate! Which is what Kajabi main selling point is about, retention of users. Keeping users as customers. WP Drip definitely keep retention because it drips content base on dates of a post.

Kajabi talks about 5 aspects

  1. Technology Matters
  2. Professionalism Matters
  3. Retention is the New Conversion
  4. Stability Matters
  5. Speed Matters

Te 4 scripts I told you above, does each of these 5 reasons. Technology is important and it is the reason why so many great scripts are out there to help make your marketing experience online better.

The only thing you as a person will have to do out of the 5 reason is Professionalism and Stability. You decide if you want to spend money on a big server or cloud service and you should be testing your shopping cart anyways! Either or I doubt no big launches will be like Kern's or Jenkins. So these sets of tools I mentioned will be what you need.

So lets add this all up:

  1. Squeeze Theme ($97)
  2. Product Launch Theme ($77)
  3. Wishlist Member ($97) or Unlimited License ($297)
  4. Wp Drip ($47)
  5. Minimum Total: $268
  6. Max Total: $518

Just to note, I have all of these products, because I use them on my own launches.

I bet Kajabi will cost more on launch. Kajabi looks like a great system, honestly I already did what Kajabi does with other scripts. It is easier to have everything in one system, but I do like having some sort of control on each aspect of my marketing. The fact is that I actually did my own research to copy a big launch strategy and I did it with my own research and outsourcing work.

But if you do have a big launch or anticipating, then Amazon Cloud is what you want to look at. I use it to run my videos so there is no 'slow connections' to my videos. My images load fast, my audio loads on point for my members. I want to make sure that I look professional to my users.

Most online marketers are lazy anyways, there are situation where you wish you can push a button and it is done. I do think of days like that, but reality puts you to work and it is all about putting in work. I literally watch these launches and watch what the big guys do, they have the volume already from their own list, so I just take the results from their testing and implement it.

It really isn't that hard, just copy and get it done. The funnel system, the series, how they do a launch, template concepts, etc. There are tools that do what Kajabi does but instead of just one box you may have to order multiple items to get the end results. It is about wanting and thinking outside the box!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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