Landing Page Stats: Red Button vs Blue Button

By Ian Fernando

A while back I asked a question on Twitter, Red vs Blue? I was curious to see what everyone's response would be. A couple of you responded back and gave me your thoughts. The reason I asked is because I wanted to test an offer that was brand new to the space, both offer LP looked great but which would do better and perform better?

So a fellow friend and twitter follower created a poll for me and asked me to share it with my followers, I did.

This is the results from the twitter poll a friend of mine created online, thanks @yuryrush! When he created the poll to my question, I shared it with my followers to see what they would vote on. Here is the color breakdown: Red = Red, Blue = Blue, Green = Tie, Orange = What is an LP?

Really interesting to see my followers didn't know what an LP is. Then again they maybe messing with me. Most of my followers are also experienced marketers as well. But I was still curious to see the poll results to my actual results. You voted and from this poll you said blue would do better when it came to CTR.

Now lets take a look at my results. I rotated an image using my split testing software, on PPV traffic. As you can see below the results speaks for themselves the CTR of the blue button did way better than the red button.

You were correct!

The red button was more prominent because its big and its red. The big difference is color does play a role in how users interact with a website. Even though the blue button was smaller and not as BIG as the red button it still performed  better. This also was happening on a landing page I created which then went to a email submit.

Red, its meaning...

Red is more of a warning, danger, war power, strength, love, passion. Emotionally it doesn't represent the offer well to the consumer. It is also stated that it creates excitement, which for this specific offer it should have. But it still didn't perform that well.

Blue, its meaning...

Blue seems to be a trusted color. We have been exposed to blue since the days of the internet and we are just use to seeing blue on the internet from hyper links to traditional web colors. Emotionally it represents confidence, intelligence, loyal, faith. So with that, no wonder the blue button did better than the red.

Use this small test to take a look at your current website or landing page and make adjustments base on the colors you present to your customers. Everyone sees something different but emotions is a very powerful part of a user's reaction. Take advantage of it, especially in online marketing. Utilize color to your advantage.

Better yet, test your curiosity with different variations. For example I rotated my LP creatives to see if one or the other will do better. Using a split test software will help you increase your productivity. Even better it will allow you to see which creatives will outperform the other and produce better results.

Key points of today... utilize color to your advantage and test!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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