Lead King Party at LeadsCon

LeadsCon is next week February 28-29th. It will be held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Unfortunately I will not be attending as I have other priorities to take of. I have been to LeadsCon in NY and the atmosphere is different from an Affiliate Summit but it is still worth it to go.

But besides LeadsCon there is going to be a happy hour event held by CrushAds and BMIElite. I attended the CrushAds event in Vegas this past Affiliate Summit and it was a great way to get connected with other people in the industry.

Their event is going to be held at the Mario Barth in the Mirage, King Ink Tattoo Studio.

If you want to attend to their happy hour, simply go to LeadKingParty.com and signup. You will meet some great people form CrushAds as well, I met and talked to the some great mailers. I even got to see some great friends I knew at the last gathering. It is too bad that i will be missing LeadsCons this year in Vegas, but I will most likely be at the NY again this year.

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