LeadBit, Performance Base Network in the Cash on Delivery Space

By Ian Fernando

Just last month there was an affiliate meetup that I was invited too but was not able to make it, it was the Moscow affiliate meetup. I was unable to attend as I do like attending many out of country meetups. Just a far flight.

I have been talking with LeadBit after introducing them to our click tracking platform, AdRoots. They have participated with helping spread the word on the platform to their affiliates and the industry.

With the growing trend of COD (Cash on Delivery) and international offers, because America is expensive in general. LeadBit comes and provides offers that affiliate will be paid on a lead confirmation.

LeadBit themselves are the advertiser in well known countries such as Europe, Latin America and Asia. Since they are the advertiser, they are the sole owners of the products being produced. They handle their own fulfillment, call center, product creation/sourcing, and delivery.

This is like working with the main advertiser but with a network feel. You are assigned an affiliate manager, get access to their network portal, and more importantly is having access to their landing pages...

This is really helpful especially if you want to start out with a network that has the most pain staking part of affiliate marketing, landing page.

Usually you have to create your own, write the articles, insert your tracking links, split test, etc. LeadBit has all that already done and even provides you with stat performance. As affiliate marketing matures, seems affiliates become lazier and lazier over time. So now all you have to do is to just insert their tracking link in your tracking platform and watch conversions. Too easy?? Affiliate marketing still needs analytics.

Cash on Delivery offers work by the end user filling out a webform, usually its just name and phone number. From here you are not paid, at this point it is a lead. LeadBit then goes contacts the lead and see if they are serious, grabs the users address, then delivers the product.

When the consumer confirms they want the product over the phone, that is when you get paid.

Now they have more offers such as trials, sweepstakes, pin submits, and gambling. So you have a variety of offers to try and play with that have been successful in the industry for a while.

With a network that provides you the tools, it is best to go ahead and talk to them to make sure it is a fit for your business and strategy. If you need a direct connect I can put you in touch with my affiliate manager and they can help you with your success.

I will also be meeting up with them in Affiliate World Asia in December to discuss other opportunities together. If you are attending AWA let me know, lets meet up!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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