Lengthy or Short Blog Posts?

By Ian Fernando

So I decided to post up the poll results from my poll on the main entry of my blog. The poll asks if you enjoy reading short posts vs lengthy posts. I even wrote and asked my readers personally if I wrote lengthy posts. From the comments they have stated I don't write that long and from the poll results a lot of users would rather read shorter posts.

As you can see a lot of readers would rather read shorter posts and another big portion is some do not really care. This brings to me a middle point to where writers should write. I am geared to writing about a little more than 500 words a post. I know I do not bore a lot of my readers because most of my posts are real life experiences and I tend not to hold back.

But knowing another big majority of the votes says they do not mind keeps me thinking, lengthy vs short. I might write 500 words or maybe 700 words. I know I wont write something too long, if I get tired of it then someone else is tired of it.

Since now I have the stats of what my readers want or what readers have a general idea of how long they like to read then I can base this information on what I can write and how long I should write. This will even give me an insight to what my readers or others see on this blog. Thanks for all who participated.

I assume that readers tend to digress after a certain break point when reading. I am not sure but a lot of my other online friends suggests to write under 500 words. But there are bloggers out there that write super lengthy posts, such as Steve Pavlina on self improvement. There are also others that write less than 300 words a post but posts frequently in a day. I tend to write one a day sometimes on the weekends - but I post mostly during the week.

Well here are the poll results:

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Ian Fernando
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