Lets StumbleUpon a Project

By Ian Fernando

I am very excited that since joining StumbleUpon. I have been getting good traffic from the network. Since joining I was thinking of ways to optimize and use SU (StumbleUpon) to my advantage. I have been searching Google, to see if anyone has a good idea to use SU to generate traffic.

Well in similarity, I was just browsing Dosh Dosh blog and I remember reading a Technorati Favorite Exchange. I thought to myself, thinking creatively, like I usually do. Can I take the same concept as Dosh Dosh did for Technorati and use it with StumbleUpon?

I then started to browse SU and see what it has to offer. So far that I have noticed is that it is a social network. Hence Social Bookmark Network. I tried to find more and more articles about SU to see if it is useful for traffic. I found lots of good feedback, but none on ways to control that traffic to your site. I would like to somehow funnel the traffic to my website.

More traffic means more prospects and sales.

Well after a day of thinking and trying to figure out how this plan can work I thought of a great plan which will benefit me and anyone who will stumble on my site.

The idea is anyone that has a SU account can favorite my blog by simply just clicking here. Once they favorite my blog and write a mini review (optional) I will favorite their blog as well. Well before I go into the explanation of the steps on how to start I would like to explain a little bit more about the benefits.

So far SU has provided my website with an avg of 114 visits a day, this is just the past 2 days. So this means if I favorite your blog or website, you too can receive the potential of free targeted traffic.

What are the Benefits of being Favorite?

  • In general it provides social proof of your blogs popularity. If its popular don't you think others will want to read about it?
  • Creating unique targeted readers, which will view and read your blog specifically for the information you provide.

Since now you know a little bit of what I have in mind lets start exchanging shall we?

How to Exchange

  1. The most easiest way to exchange favs is to simply leave a comment about this post with your website's URL in your name, do not put your URL in the comment as it will get filtered.
  2. Fav my Blog. Once you favorite my blog through StumbleUpon I will do the same, please give me some time if I do not fav your blog right away. I do not know what the reaction to this small project might cause.
  3. Add me as a friend, my name is Ianternet, within your network so you can easily check my favorites to see if I have fav your blog or site. If I have not please contact me, but please allow me some time as again I do not know what the reaction of this project may cause.

Part 2 of StumbleUpon Traffic

This is only for bloggers that are interested in holding a StumbleUpon Project Exchange on their blogs. Here are the step to do so.

  1. Create a post on your blog announcing that you are participating in a StumbleUpon Exchange Project. Prominently include a link to this post to indicate that there is a similar exchange going on at Ian Fernando's Blog. You can use any link text you want. I do however prefer that you make a new post on this topic instead of putting the link in a old post that is already deep in your archives.
  2. You can copy the direction or modify it as you wish to fit your blog if necessary.
  3. Once I’ve noticed the link via trackback, I’ll include a link to your post on a separate post I will be creating after a week of testing this new project.

What is the Main Goal?

The goal of this exchange project is to simply see if StumbleUpon is really a great traffic generator than the other social bookmarking sites. Is it easily ready to give away traffic?

Now other social bookmarking websites, you will need to be in the top X amount to get great traffic. With SU (that I have noticed) is there is no such rating. There is a "Recently Popular Pages" page on the main interface, but it changes depending on the favorites that moment. Again, this is what I have experienced in the past 2 days. I am still a newbie with SU and other social bookmarking site, but this issue has got me well into it.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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