Leveraging Paid Traffic with Free Twitter Traffic

By Ian Fernando

Monetizing traffic is always the hardest part of marketing. A while ago I decided to see if I can increase my traffic from paid traffic. I didn't know what to do or do it, I just wanted to do it. So how can you leverage paid traffic and get free traffic at the same time?

Or how can I pay per click and leverage that paid traffic to free traffic and still get it to convert. As you know I like to do a lot of twitter marketing and I think I understand it enough that I can utilize that specific traffic. So I decided to start a case study with paid and twitter traffic, I was curios if I can leverage paid to free traffic.

First I pick a very basic offer and created a very basic landing page. You will see it don't worry. The offer was a simple email submit and the landing page was just the exact copy with 1 big difference. LP below.

Also, after several testing I added 3 more critical things to the LP to make it more legit. So you can see I added a tweet form on there, which basically tweets a message to twitter under that username. I think that specific form is pretty powerful in that the user needs to enter their credentials to continue. Though this form will stop others from entering their info, you just have to immediately create a trust.

How do I create trust? Pretty simple. I am promoting this via PPV and I have it simply just popup over some related sites. I also added that twitter bird in the background making it feel like the site is creating a contest or is being sponsored in some way.

Another big aspect is the "Step 1 of 2". This puts the end user in a state where they know this is a 2 step form in order to get the offer. So it automatically puts the user in a mind state - "Ok I have to do 2 things to get this free thing". In the end the user decides if they have time to do 2 simple steps to get their free item.

Another aspect is the big form button or CTA (call to action) at the bottom of the tweet form. It basically grabs the attention of the user because it is big AND has a red trim around it. I found that red color is an attractant and it sticks out the most in the landing page. So they see the red big form button and read the text. So the form button is an attractant.

Even the form itself is pretty big. This way it is the main thing their eyes see first. I wanted to the form or CTA to be the most visible part. If the end user decides to think on what to do, they see the twitter bird, the steps 1 of 2, and red border form. They can and should sense that it is cool to continue.

The results were pretty amazing, I wish I can pull the search results from twitter. This way you can see how many people tweeted via the form. But not sure why they do not show you old search results. But in any case it did fairly well. I was pretty surprise how I got it to work pretty fast.

The most important parts were the addition of:

  1. Adding Steps 1 of 2 - again helping the user think faster on what they will be doing
  2. BIG CTA with Eye Catching Colors - helps with catching the users attention
  3. Adding Related image - in this case the twitter bird

I think these aspects definitely helped. I test it without these changes (as I first started) and I saw a bigger response when I added and tweaked the landing page to look and feel like this. Again it is all about testing to see what works and what doesn't.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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