Looking for Tech Bloggers: Facelifting a Blog

Currently before the holiday season I have been working on a or re inventing my technology blog. The reason I have been doing this is because I am in several beta test projects, marketing my other products, and marketing my blog, keeping up with blogs, etc. So with the new holiday approaching I have come up with a new idea for my technology blog.

I am currently looking for dedicated writers for my Gadget, Macintosh, Tech Freak, Windows lover, blog. Basically an overall technology blog. If you are interested in writing for my technology blog please let me know. This is a great move for techies who want to voice out opinions on certain software or talk a bout a new find they have or maybe even a review, without having a website.

My Our technology blog will be beneficial for all and others that read the blog, this is a very good time as the holidays are rapidly approaching. Again if you are interested in writing for my Tech blog let me know.

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