How to Lose Six Figures a Day. 5 Tactics to Consistently Have Traffic

By Ian Fernando

Traffic Traffic Traffic is key to online marketing. The only problem is you need multiple sources. Here is one traffic source that went from six figures a day to almost nothing. Managing multiple traffic sources can be a pain, you just need to have an amazing tracker to help you with the management.

This specific traffic source has done very well for us from the start of the year. Since this month it started to dwindle. Even on the middle of the month, it has started to slow down. I didn't care much for it, since we did have other sources but NOW I realize how much I miss this specific traffic source. Ever heard don't get comfortable just get uncomfortable? or Don't put  all your eggs in one basket?

This screenshot shows what I mean... sad face.


Now this is definitely a lesson learned. Even though this is just one source of traffic, it does hurt to see it die slowly. Especially that I have a graph that is visible. This just goes to show you that you should have a plan and strategize properly. Processes and backups should be in place to be able to recover form situations like this. Here are 5 things I think that can help anyone have steady traffic flow/revenue.

Five Tactics to Continuously Have Traffic

  1. Master One Traffic, but Understand Others
    There are so many traffic sources out there. They all range from PPC to Contextual to Banner Buys. You can't be an expert on all but all you have to do is understand numbers. Mastering traffic is understanding numbers not so much the ad network itself. Once you understand numbers you can almost conquer all traffic sources. But there are specific strategies you should understand on how each ad network works. This takes creativity and analytical thinking. For example Google traffic is not similar to Bing Ads at all. One person that understands Google may not understand why his CTRs are so low or why volume is so low. Facebook is also another beast. If you know one traffic source, stick to it but allow someone under you to manage the other sources. There is no point for you to know everything, that is why there are such things like employees, freelancers, and outsourcers. Just make sure you know how to look at numbers because you will be the one reviewing their work.
  2. Separate Accounts Base on Countries, Not Campaigns
    One thing this account did was handle US and International traffic. If you have the opportunity to have multiple accounts Bing, Facebook, etc. Keep one dedicated for maybe each country. This way if US goes down you will still have UK traffic coming in. Yes it will be a pain to manage but there are management tools out there to help with your traffic and accounts. By keeping countries separate this allows you to understand that country demo more in depth and obviously have constant traffic if one country does go down.
  3. Expand to eMail Marketing and SEO
    Even though it isn't going to be HIGH volume, you should utilize these sources to make sure your audience knows you are still online. By collecting leads and sending SEO traffic you will have constant volume coming to your website, again not high volume. This allows your products to still look alive, even take in some transactions. With eMail marketing you still have the opportunity to make money from affiliate links and keeping your audience engaged. These traffic sources are not HUGE, but it does allow you to take advantage of consistency.
  4. Utilize All Retargeting Strategy
    When one traffic goes down, make sure to add every retargeted script to your lp. If traffic does go down, turn on your retargeting traffic. This will help recover from your lost of traffic while setting up a new account. If  you are not retargeting currently you should, it is an amazing traffic source to he handled with. If one source does go down, you can turn on several retargeting traffic sources and still utilize the traffic that  you bought. You might be able to turn viewers into buyers. Retargeted traffic can also help with increase revenue as well.
  5. Don't Get Comfortable EVER!
    Basically what this says. One traffic source that is providing you a good source of income doesn't mean you should get comfortable. Just because you are making money doesn't mean you should be comfortable, continue to go out and get it. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. Strategize  your next move, but don't always think bad news, stay positive. Just be prepared. Preparation is thinking ahead not thinking what MAY go WRONG. Having multiple sources of income is important. This is the only way to stay ahead of the game.
Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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