March Spendings vs Earnings and Hurdles

As you may know I have started back up in PPC and I have survived last month but I face some hurdles along the way. So I have made pretty good amount last month especially since I got back and I started as a newbie. I took all knowledge that I knew of PPC – with the exception of the basics – and started as if I was new to adwords, which I am. But thanks to several blogs that I read and my affiliate managers I manage to do pretty well last month.

I started off pretty small and I think I did fairly well for a beginner. Prior to this small project I have done adwords in the past but not as efficiently as I did last month. I had more tools and I was more focus on my campaigns. I was paying more attention to my landing pages and looking for certain aspects of the offers.

But lets take a look at my Adwords account which is my spending and we will take a look at one of my networks for the month of March. I will not post my other networks as they are little but they were all within the month of March and my ROI is a little higher. Azoogle is one of my higher payouts so I will post the screen shot below.

Adwords spending:

Azoogle Earnings:

You can see my adwords spending is at $592.40 and my total earnings from Azoogle is at $1375.87! For one month I came out positive and pretty high I think. Last month is one of my more improved month, since I started with several campaigns and did some testing and now concentrating on specific aspects that I saw that needed to be adjusted. This is just a snapshot my azoogle ads network, now my total earnings is higher since my other networks are not included in this. I want to show you PPC and affiliate marketing is the truth and showing you the potential.

I was Slapped Hard!

During my March madness there were issues I encountered first hand like being bitched slapped several times. I scrambled to all my resources and asked for help and even talked to my Am to find out if they knew of anything. During that time I research Google and found some issues happening at the time of the slap and other aspects of me being slapped were my QS and keywords. I simple just adjusted what was needed via landing pages or keywords.

There were several days where my impressions dropped for 3 days and then dropped again horribly on the weekends. I was so piss and angered – I asked several people on twitter and IM if they saw same results. Some saw similar results but probably not as bad as me. I let the days go by with the lower impressions and then it sky rocketed again – not too sure to make of it – I attempted to call Google between those 3 days and I really got no where, no one answered.

The weekends were horrible one week I had 75 impressions one time VERY LOW! I tend to know that the traffic on the weekends drop but since my impressions were dropping already my weekend traffic got killed. Again I waited for it to pass by and then it went back to normal the following weekend, not to sure what to make of it.

Account Managers are your Best Friends:

Prior to this post I posted how your account managers are assholes. That post was strictly towards a specific network. But my other networks helped with providing great information and what I may need to turn my PPC campaigns into click able converted campaigns. They provided me some great insights that I would not even think of or wouldn’t even try. They give a visual explanation of why it can work and how it can benefit – you really do not know until you test. So I tested most of them and found a couple to work well.

The other bad part is I only have 1 credit card (never applied for others) and I use it for everything so its kind of maxed out – so I am waiting for my direct deposits and checks form the networks so I can get back on my grind. So now I will be looking at credit cards to use strictly for PPC and marketing, any recommendations?

Thank you Super Affilaite Bloggers:

By simply reading and focusing on the topic you can definitely make it – I am not a super affiliate just yet but reading several blogs and tips has helped!

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