Market Leverage Wants to Be at Your Door

By Ian Fernando

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen and has been emailed. The comments section of this post has been closed. Thank you all for participating in this contest and would like to thank Market Leverage for sponsoring this great contest!!

As you know Market Leverage seems to be all over the internet, I mean they came to my door step. A lot of people have been blogging about them lately because of either receiving free packages or team pictures with the webmaster's shirts. If you currently do not know who Market Leverage is then you need to know because there name speaks for themselves and their network. They have been doing a lot of marketing and giving alot of prizes away to affiliate and popular webmasters.

Well times are changing and Market Leverage has evolved into a more interesting type of branding by sponsoring contest all over the blogosphere. I do not know who or how many contest are going to be populated all in the same day (today) but this is another huge opportunity for Market Leverage to come out on top.

Today, Market Leverage is sponsoring a contest consisting of several prizes you see below. In order to win one of the prizes you just need to sign up with Market Leverage via this link >> Market Leverage Contest

Winners for each prizes will be chosen at random BUT if your reason are short just to enter then it will be disregarded. Here is the nice prize which Market Leverage is providing!

  • iPod Nano
  • USB drive that is also a pen
  • $200 Market Leverage Amex Rewards card
  • Flip video camera

In order to win these great prizes here are some rules:

  1. Join Market Leverage - 6 points
  2. Just Leave a Comment - 1 point
  3. Write a Descriptive Comment about "Why You Do or Want to do Affiliate Marketing" - 5 points
  4. Contest will last 1 week - until June 18th 2008
  5. 1 Winner will be chosen! If you blog about your winnings make sure to let me know as I will blog about the winner, make sure to take pictures of your prize too.

Have fun and get ready to grab this bag of free stuff!

There are also several contest going around the internet and if you want to increase your chances I suggest visiting these other blogs as well, just do a blog search on for market leverage contest and you will find a lot of blogs posting this contest, here are a few I found:

Ian Fernando
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