Marketing is Marketing - On and Offline

By Ian Fernando

Yesterday I was at Raceway Park in NJ. Ad Hustler was in my area and I decided to stop over to his booth and relax for the day and chill. Now I am not all biggy into cars but it was cool to see a lot of mods and races that were happening that day. But one thing I noticed while chillin with the Hustler himself was that marketing is marketing where ever you are. There is always a selling point, a down sell, a "BUT WAIT, THERES MORE" (yes, I tested that slogan yesterday), a special offer, etc.

So in the past while growing up I realize this because I use to sell sneakers out of my trunk to eat before I actually did affiliate marketing. Back in middle school when I had a CD burner, I burned music CDs for people, etc. So this was no different. The thing is I been doing online stuff for a while that I forgot how to get people's attention. But I caught on and started to sell some of Hustler's Products in bulk. Pitchmen taught me well! (RIP Billy)


Other than just selling to users and gathering their attention. I had to pitch (landing page) and give them a reason to buy (conversion/lead). Interacting with the audience (traffic) and attempting to monetize it (buyers). So then I realize the whole show was a marketing show.

After getting the gist of how Ad Hustler does his selling points, it was my turn to start hustling these car fans for their hard earned cash they just received on Friday. So I started some what pitchin to users. I even told a kid to get his mom to spend 20$... well that didn't convert. I even got some repeated customers back!! All in all it was fun just chillin with Ad Hustler and his wife that day. The racetrack is only 20 minutes from me, so I didn't mind stopping over to say hi and chill.

Women half naked advertising either themselves or the company, women with spray painted bodies, highly modified and amped cars, LOUD speakers, etc. They are all part of marketing to get the users attention. So where ever you go there is a marketing gimmick going on from just walking down the street to buying a coffee. Marketing is all around us offline and online. Though I know more online stuff than offline, but they work in parallel to each other because the concepts are all there.

Convert the traffic, that is the simplest motto there is about marketing. Since marketing can be related to life, we can see every aspect as a type of advertisement, well I do anyways. From colors to certain word verbage all around you is some sort of advertising.

As for yesterday it was a great day to relax and watch car model women. Anyways here are some sexy pictures for you.




Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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