Mashup Google and MSN: Better Keyword Discovery

By Ian Fernando

As you know Google updated their keyword tool. Now when you enter a keyword to research it gives you the actual volume. I have showed you how to figure out the volume with excel and now I will show you a CRAZY trick or a simple concept which will show you a birds eye view of search volume from both MSN and Google.

Since Google has finally decided to release the volume data to the public this opens a new world to PPC affiliate marketers or even SEO guys. MSN Ad Intelligence also have search volume data, now what if we can mash it all up? If we do this we can see what keywords are popular among both networks and the total search volume over all! Now if only Yahoo comes out with their keyword tool and search data; it would be a hit and better than Wordtracker or any other keyword tool.

Since we have 2 out of 3 it is still better and we can see what keywords are repetitive across the network. With the next video I will be showing you, I will show you how to mashup simple data and get a better understanding of total volume, even show you what keywords are repetitive across the search network.

As you can see Google provides us with numeric values instead of that green graph. It is a good thing we can always export this data and play around with it. This became a very powerful asset to affiliate marketer because we know have a way to see actual volume. I almost kinda knew the volume via the video I posted above, but this is far better!!

MSN has the same concept and never decided to hide it from their audience. I mean we are paying to advertise on MSN, this kind of stuff should be free for us to use. The screen shot to the left shows you the volume for June. This s great and you can definitely see the big difference in search volume. This tells you the type of demographics of both search engines. More people search on Google than MSN, obviously.

Also, we can probably assume people are more tech savy on Google than on MSN - which in reality is true. So with the data that is at hand, why not mash both datas together to get a more accurate search data?

Well in the video I am about to show you. There are many concepts of what you can do with the data that is in your face and being provided by MSN and Google. What I will be showing you are simple concepts which are:

  • Finding repeated keywords from both MSN and the Google Network
  • Comparing Volumes from Both Networks
  • Finding the total volumes from both networks

This is fairly basic but I bet you have not thought of using both MSN and Google as a team! Like I said there are other ways to play with the data within Excel - you just need to know what you want. This way you can see and analyze the data more clearer and even at a better pace.

Google and MSN are giving us this data so we can better utilize their system. Combining the information and using it more to our advantage gives us as affiliates a better chance to understand search and understand keyword volume. Now if Yahoo comes out with their data, man I can only see what I ca do with the data!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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