May 1st: Rick Raddatz's TeleSeminar

By Ian Fernando

Last night at 8pm I joined into a teleseminar hosted by Rick Raddatz. Its funny because I was on another teleseminar just 2 weeks ago. Guess what both teleseminars promoting the same thing, teleseminars!

I do not understand this, teleseminars are a thing of the past. Business use it to create conferences from different countries. I guess now since the era of WEB 2.0 is being so popular they think its going to be a great attribute in our day and age and future.

Here is a small snippet from an article from Richard Reichmann:

"This means instead of speaking to a crowd of maybe 5,000 to 7,000 at a time, they can potentially be speaking to millions of people all over the world. Why be on the road for two or three days at a time when it can be done with a telephone?

For the educational system, it?s even better because it draws in more students. Why is that? It?s a time factor in most cases. For the potential student who did not have the funds to go to college right out of high school, it?s a way to get that education they so desperately want. This student is working full time, may be married and may even have a family.

Distance learning gives these students an opportunity to take classes when it?s convenient for them, or at least to be able to take the classes without having to worry about family matters such as finding a babysitter."

Well I kinda agree.

Why? Well there is so much information out there we do not have the time to actually read all of it and search through it, deciding if its good information or if its crap. With a teleseminars you get to announce and provide more information with your visitors, than providing them a long sales letter, which they may close after reading the 3rd paragraph. Also these teleseminars provide interaction. Last night, Rick was giving away SegWay Scooters, Memberships, Vacations, etc. Also during the call visitors or members of his list were asking questions, while they were speaking about how beneficial teleseminars are.

Its a good thing Rick has a customer service rep to help with those questions and provide feedback to him.

The interesting about last night teleseminar and the one I joined 2 weeks ago was, the one 2 weeks ago I had to dial in and Rick Raddatz's seminar was online, via web! I was given the option to chose my own player and it would play via the web. The interface was very simple, chose your player, questions and answers, product info page, screenshots, etc. Everything on the web interface was straight to the point.

Now I like the fact that I was able to just go on the internet and listen, just like a radio stream. There was no lost connection either, I am on cable. I was thinking to myself wow this is great, I bet he was doing this seminar in his shorts!

That is the great thing about it, I go to seminars and the speakers dress up and are great speakers! With a teleseminars anyone can do it, just because you can be yourself. You do not have to dress up, since you can have a headset on, cooking, vacuuming, and host your seminar! Imagine that.

Well Last night seminar was only about 1 hour and the one 2 weeks ago was 1.5 hours long. Both gave out away prizes and free memberships. Again, since we are in an era of WEB 2.0 the world wants more communication, listening is easier than reading I guess.

Here are some aspect to joining a teleseminar and how to interact with them respectfully.

1. Read the sales letter or announcement for the teleseminar carefully. You want to make sure the content and the people speaking are a match for your interests. The only time I was ever disappointed was when my expectations were not met - and when I re-read the sales letter I found out what I expected was not explicitly mentioned.

2. Don't be afraid to take advantage of the multitude of complimentary teleseminars being offered. Yes, each will end with a sales pitch.

3. If they ask for questions before the teleseminar, send in a question. No matter how hard you have to think, come up with a good question. Many times the host is looking for good questions to get the discussion started, especially at the start of a call, so your question is more likely to be used on the air if you get it in early.

Here is the Replay from last night TeleSeminar by Rick Raddatz:

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