MediaTrust: All About the FTC and More…

This is the last of the video series that I have been posting up in the past few days. This one is a pretty lengthy one and a really good video I think in my opinion. I got a chance to talk to Lauren from MediaTrust about the issues that has been going around the affiliate marketing industry about the blog style designs, using celebrity images, ftc laws, and all that good stuff.

I think I asked too many questions about the FTC to Lauren that she started turning red as the video progresses, but she held her own. The video is 10 minutes long, so I hope you are able to watch it that long, it does have a lot of good info. Lauren definitely gave a lot of information and was willing to share the information with me and my readers.

Again, I want to thank Peter and the whole MediaTrust team for having me at their office and hope to come visit once more!

Media Trust

That is it with the video series that I have been posting in the past couple days and I hope they were all informative. If you missed any, you can check the rest via my YoutTube Channel.

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