MediaTrust Interview: Pulling Offers for Publishers

Again I am back with a really good interview from MediaTrust and this one is geared towards the types of offers we want and how we want it to look. When we are with a network and there are offers that did will last year or want to test out an offer you often ask the network, do you have this offer.

Well, it is interesting to see how a network does that on their and and how they grab it to fill our needs and all affiliates a like. While I was at the MediatTrust office I interviewed Shauntel (I apologize if I spelled your name wrong) to discuss how she pulls in offers. We discuss what an exclusive is, how she pulls in offers that relates to our needs, etc.

I apologize for the lighting, in my camera screen it looked good. I guess once I stepped in the shot it decided to go dark on me. In any case it was a good interview seeing how a network works to help us out.



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