Meetup202 - Definitely Learned Something!

By Ian Fernando

Last night I met up with a lot of people at the NYC meetup202. Usually Ryan Pamplin and Emily host this but since they were in on the West Coast, Ken co hosted it. The meetup was at Kurve Lounge in the City, definitely a colorful place. I met up with Rohail and we drove into the city. The pain we had was parking took us at least 45 minutes to find a decent parking spot. Well other than that I met up with a lot people and definitely talked a lot.

I usually go to these meetups to network and put my face to my blog. I usually also go to these things so I can drink and chillax with everyone. I met new and old people, the best part is someone came up to me and was like hey I know you from AffBuzz! I am like how do they 'know' me, but it was cool to get some branding off Justin's great site!


More interestingly enough, I actually learned something last night about my own business outside of affiliate marketing. I was talking to Kevin Brown and he definitely gave me some knowledge that I appreciated. I do not know how it came up but he explained to me about certain tax issues and banking procedures that I should be aware of to run my business smoothly and not get cut during tax season.

I usually do not come to the meetups to learn something because everything is recycled knowledge or questions are always repeated from the last meetup. But last night was definitely a learning experience for me on taxes and banking. Very interesting stuff since it affected me while in the process of getting a house. Definite big ups to Kevin for guiding me on the issue.

After such drinking and talking a bunch of us headed towards a Hookah Lounge. I was beat an hungry and a bunch of us went to a local pizz store to get greedy on the food. Met a couple new affiliates and what they do. We all met back up with everyone at teh Hookah Lounge and I killed the night early.

After all that I had to get more food before we left for Jersey, but here are some more pics from last night.





Ian Fernando
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