Membership Script Battle: Final Round – Overall

By Ian Fernando

Wow it has been a while since I did a review of Wishlist Member and aMember. So now what I am going to do is do a recap of everything and you let me know which one you think is better. I have both and some are features do play a stronger role with each product.

I hope the past 2 write ups about each membership script was helpful. Lets get in the final round and lets see who is the best membership script.

So lets break it down and see which one will be better or acts better... these are my experiences and I hope it will help you decide which membership script will be better for you. Each one has its powers and each one has its weakness. So one maybe powerful because it is using the power of wordpress while the other will have more plugins and versatility.

Let the battle begin! Wishlist Member vs aMember Pro


Wishlist Member: Positives

  • Easy to install, download > upload > activate
  • a lot of video tutorials, which makes it easy to move around the interface and use its features
  • very clean interface, can be easily navigated
  • Easily integrates with aweber, paypal, and clickbank
  • Ability to create multiple membership levels
  • Really easy member management
  • Content protection base on the membership level
  • ...more great features

Wishlist Member: Negatives

  • Took a while to integrate the mailing list options - but the videos helped
  • sometimes you forget to check off the membership level when you are trying to protect your content
  • the main options are a must to do, I forgot to do it my first time installing
  • ...not sure how to integrate a forum

aMember: Positives

  • Lots of plugins and tools to be used within the system
  • built in affiliate program
  • ability to mail membership type users (expired, active, etc)
  • Simple interface
  • Various ways to protect content
  • Integrates with multiple payment systems
  • system logging. Logs what the script is doing and what users are doing.
  • Overall income reports and demographic reports! <- love this
  • Main dashboards shows overall stats including income
  • Integrate forums, wordpress, and other systems with their arsonal of plugins
  • ...more great features

aMember: Negatives

  • Takes a while to get use to (interface and internal mailing features)
  • if you have your own affiliate system it takes a while to recognize the payment scripts to integrate your affiliate system
  • templates can be cumbersome to use and may be difficult to re-do yourself
  • email notifications can take a while to understand especially if you are doing recurring billing
  • Product integration can be confusing, especially if you have different levels of your membership


Now it may seem that I am favoring Wishlist more because of its versatility and ease of use but once you get to use amember it is very powerful. It does take a while to get use to while Wishlist you can upload it and start using it.

The big difference with Wishlist and aMember is that there is no setup with SQL since your WordPress installation has already done that for you. aMember you will have to setup the SQL and all that stuff but it is easy.

I use Wishlist as a product download page as well as content. While I am using aMember as a gate to specific folders of my domain. aMember has a very nice and powerful security system. Wishlist uses the power of WordPress to make their membership script work.

I personally do not favor either or I do use both and I do like both. I hope the above recap was helpful enough for you to chose which one will be better.

Check out aMember and Wishlist Member for yourself and see which one is better.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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