Milestone: Getting a Boss of an Office to Take Over

I finally have time to post this. This is a before and after of the new office I have moved into. Looking back I would not see myself getting a bigger office than what I currently had. This truly marks a new milestone in my entrepreneur success. This office will house a team of great people from developers to designers and partners. This move has truly inspired me to make it bigger in the marketing space on the online world.

… story time …

It is so funny to see the growth of myself and this blog. If you back date this blog, you will probably see a lot of trial and error posts. You will see successful campaigns, even dead ones. You will see experiences I have with friends, multiple case studies, and even writing a post about why I thought working for yourself isn’t all that. So for the 6 years that I have been in this industry, I have been through a lot.

Prior to the internet, I was selling things out of the trunk of my car. I can remember waiting outside Wal-Marts, Burger King, Shopping Malls – just selling what I needed to. I remember being in fights while I was in college. I remember being kicked out of college for poor GPA and misfits. I remember living in a poor neighborhood because I got kicked out of my parents house. I remember being in front of a judge for ‘certain’ acts. I remember working 4 jobs to be able to just pay for my small apartment. I remember the struggles I had until I decided to do something about it.

I started an eBay business, it blew up. I was able to afford a domain name. I started to teach myself HTML and simple programming. I started to learn what hosting is. I started to teach myself how to create products. I started to learn how to write copy. I created a paypal account. I learned about marketing. I found affiliate marketing. I taught myself how to understand data. I taught myself how to buy ads via PPC. I started to engage in the industry. I started to go to marketing conferences and shows. I started making money online. I networked with only the best and people who made more money than me. I knocked out all 4 jobs. I sold my 2nd company. I taught myself to be a boss!

… break time … pictures of the new office

The only reason why I am successful today is because I was hungry to be more than what I was when I was working 4 jobs and just trying to support myself. I have a lot of pride in who I am and being down so low really put me in a position to be better than what I was.

I can remember having a conversation with a couple friends wishing to make more money. My buddy said I only wish to make 40k a year and I will be satisfied. Him saying that made me think why only 40k. Is a person really worth 40k a year for the rest of his life? Is a person truly satisfied? I know I wouldn’t be and I simply just stood up and said, is that it – I want to make millions! Today, the statements holds true for the both of us and I am well on my way to be a bigger boss than what I am.

I have successfully teamed up with some great people in this online industry space and I am looking to take over theIANternet with my new partnerships. The fact about life is you have to make choices, I made a choice to do something when I was down. I made the choice with these new partnerships to grow faster as a person and as an entrepreneur. I made the choice to be successful and choices comes with hardship. It is a path of heavy learning without ease. It truly is your choice, looking back now I am glad I was in the position where I was because if not I would have probably been satisfied with a job.

I hope this has inspired you, as I know walking into the office everyday and seeing a team of great expertise in their fields definitely put me in awe all the time. Again, back date this blog and you will see how I have come up. BAWSE!

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