Money Making Weekend Recap

By Ian Fernando

This past weekend I was really busy and now I am tired. I actually just want to relax today but some work has to be done. Well this past weekend I have done a lot of things such as create a new sales page for a new digital product, bought a new affiliate system, graphic designers, logo contests, forum, and I think that is it. Below is just going to be a small recap of what I was doing this weekend.

Also another great aspect was receiving an email from Market Leverage to sponsor a contest! So I will be hosting a contest soon sometime next week and Market Leverage is providing the great prizes, including an iPod! Okay so enough talk and let me break down my weekend:

  • Digital Product Creation: BANS Premium Template Packages
    So after taking a survey and researching BANS forums, I decided to go ahead and make a new set of templates for the BANS community. I actually partnered up with Neil from NeilsWeb to help speed up the process. Neil is like my graphic designer and I met him via twitter when I asked anyone if they can do a LP design for me and Neil quickly responded. From then on he has done several projects for me and currently me and him have JV together to provide the new set of templates to the Build a Niche Community. With the great success of the first set of templates I have decided to create these new pack of templates to help new users expand on their virtual stores. You can view the new sales page here: Premium Build a Niche Store Templates
  • Sales Page Creation for BANS Templates
    I also worked on the sales page of the Build a Niche Store Templates. I was deciding if I should have done a blog sales letter post or a standard sales letter with domain. I have decided to go ahead and make several selections/packages of templates. I actually took the original blog post and just copy and paste it into the sales letter. I will be actually editing it a lot in the coming days to make it more of a sales letter.
  • Downloaded New Affiliate Managing Script and Created Affiliate Homepage
    I was very satisfied with the $7 script but I think I realize the script was meant for list building and providing cheap reports to download. It was not meant to do big priced orders, even though it can. The problem I ran into was refunds, I only had 1 refund and luckily it was under my paypal id. If it was under an affiliate I would have to contact that person and ask then to handle the refund on their end, not good. So I decided to buy an affiliate manager. I was stuck if I wanted to get a service and pay monthly or have my own system. I also was thinking if I should use a digital service like ClickBank or PayDotCom and pay for the fees. Right now I think having your own is best, no fees and no future monthly payments. Also, these systems will not work the way I have the Premium Templats Sales letter set up. It is almost like a shopping cart and not a 1 buy button selection.
  • Configure TradeBit Secure Downloads
    So since I do not use the $7 script anymore for this specific product, I was worried about secure downloads. The $7 Dollar Script actually creates session for downloads so a download is secure and not visible to the public for constant download, the link will actually expire after 48 hours. This is great because the download is secure. Since I no longer use the script, I went back to tradebit and will be using their secure download forms. This is great for me since now users have place to securely download their digital product.
  • PayPal SandBox and IPN
    But with this it requires an IPN from which TradeBit offers, but now causes another issue with my Affiliate System, I can only have 1 IPN notification. This really was bothering me this weekend and I was having a hard time with paypal sandbox and triggering the IPN from both parties. I created 1 php file to trigger both IPN parties but it seemed like I was not doing it right or it is only recognizing 1 IPN status but I simply just disregarded the IPN and used the TradeBit function. Luckily the affiliate system has other ways to determine commissions.
  • Logo Contest on Digital Point for my Blog
    I wanted a new logo for my blog and my over all company, now that I have an LLC. So I posted up a contest a couple days prior to the weekend and got a really awesome logo! I even got it for a really cheap price and it is far better than one of my logos that I paid 3 times more than this logo I did in the forum. Have a look:
  • Installed Viddler WordPress Video Companion PlugIn
    Since I do video on my blog and some post have video, I wanted to see if there would be others out there that would respond not in text but in video. I searched and viddler came up right away. Viddler's Video Companion puts a red camera below the comment box in which you click on it and a lightbox affect appears right in front of you. You can login and chose a video to post or record a new video right on the spot without leaving my blog! Great Concept! I hope to see it more and more on video blogs.
  • Forum Creation
    I decided to make a forum, still making a template a logo and categories as well. Should be released soon, but I know it is hard to promote and get participants in a forum. I always wanted a forum for my community and readers. It helps me interact more fluidly with my customers, readers, buyers, etc. I will probably talk about it sometime this week, I mean it is almost done just need to change some things.

I did take a break from my work and went out. I did some jogging and went out and balled out late night. But that was my weekend how was yours?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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