Most of my Readers are iPhone Users, Why?

By Ian Fernando

This is the last day of 2008, man did this year fly by! Since this is the last day of 2008, I have a confession to make about this blog. A majority of my readers are not internet marketers or people that want to make money online. Most of my readers are tech savy and very entertained with new technology and music, most of my readers are iPhone users!

This is a true fact, a big majority of my readership are all iphone users - interesting since this is an internet marketer's blog. Below is a screen shot of traffic from my blog for 1 month. The top posts or top content is my sexy girl marketing video and my 3 posts about iphones.

How can sexy women and iphones be the basis of my blog! Well it is fairly simple, I have topics no one spoke about ever online, which gives me a huge benefit from SERPS. The top 5 content on my blog are also the most linked and they are linked from an iphone or electronic type blog or website. This is very interesting me to since, I would like my readers to be internet marketers. But then I tried to make several posts that no one talked about on my blog and hope to get in the SERPS quickly, fail.

It seems my iphone posts provided great information that I rank #1 for several variations of 'iphone and Google' type keywords. But how was I able to do it? How was I able to get ranked quickly and found on the internet? I want to thank quick bookmarking, Google spiders, and conversation marketing. These got my blog pretty high in the blogosphere.

First you definitely need content that is unique, when I found a problem it takes foreever for me to find a solution. To help others from this frustration, I just created a post on how I did it and bam the traffic just started flowing in the next day! How? Getting index quickly is key!

Aside from content you need to get indexed, getting index is really easy, just bookmark your post to popular bookmarking websites. These websites are always spidered daily because of new content being added on a regular basis, once it is bookmarked your site gets spidered and indexed!

The next part is the keyword density of the post. It was not in my mind to target iphone + google related keywords, I just typed and wrote what was on my mind. But the amount of keywords and type of keywords does play a role into the serps. You can't just blow up your post with your targeted keywords and hope you will get ranked, why not get ranked for different variations!

This blog's readerships is base on keyword targeting, which gets me in the SERPS at top 5 results. I am happy with it but I would like to get some of my business marketing posts top 5 as well, =P. But I am happy with it. For 2009, I will be trying to get this blog up to par and get more internet marketing traffic to it from marketing readers!

Just wanted to let you guys know the truth about this blog, but traffic is traffic - right?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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