Motive Interactive 2.0: A Motivated Network

By Ian Fernando

In the past I was amazed at one network which has a very intuitive interface. Motive Interactive has one of the better interface when it comes to affiliate networks. I have joined them in just wanting to check out their platform and their interface for the affiliate and I was amazed. Well they are heavily working on a new system, Motive 2.0, it will be an upgrade to what they currently have.

Since the whole interface is Ajaxed, it is very neat and clean. There is no need to reload pages, everything happens dynamically. Since it is an ajax system there maybe load times but with their new upgrade - everything is smooth and loads faster than their previous version. Speed can be an issue and especially with ajax when pulling data from the database. This recent cleanup has definitely improved and loads far faster.

Another adjustment was their main interface. The interface has also changed:

As  you can see the interface is far cleaner and provides the affiliate with more information that prior or than any other network. Other networks have offers all over the place and sometimes we do not want to look at offers and just our stats. Motive 2.0 definitely hit the spot in giving us a quick view of what we are currently earning. Everything on their dashboard is geared to be more productive, you have some offers but not too many where you just get confused. You have a visual graph, which not too many or about 90 of networks out there do not have. This platform they have developed is definitely one of its kind.

Motive Interactive is a very easy going network, I have had no issues with them and their CEO Brendon Smith is a great person to interact with and give you the time of day. Brendon also sees the issues that affiliates are up against and he has build a system which can help release the tensions some affiliates may encounter. Such as tracking, or maybe user interface, maybe communication between AMs and publishers. Tacking such a giant of problems in affiliate marketing, especially network wise can be a big task but him and his team are very motivated to get it done and the reason for the release of Motive 2.0.

To get a better in depth view of the backend, I have done a video of what you will be brought too once you sign up and login to their network. I will talk about how easy and readily information is provided to you without just browsing.


Motive Interactive has done a great job listening to their affiliates and even other affiliates that are not even part of their network. Brendon and Luke have done a great job gathering information and using it to their benefits. Continuously changing and listening to advice and listening to affiliates is a good thing Motive have done. Interested in to play around with their network view their network here.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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