MSN AD Intelligence: Basic Intro

By Ian Fernando

So you know last week I was in New York attending the MSN workshop. It was a very educational experience, though I wish it should have been a little more advance. It provided an introduction to MSN adcenter and PPC. During the afternoon it got a little bit more interesting as we discussed more about landing pages and keywords. The real exciting part is the keyword tool called Ad Intelligence.

Now back in the day when I heard about this, I think Ms. Danielle informed me about this. But when I first heard about it and you needed excel to run this keyword tool, I wasn't really too happy about it. Why integrate the keyword tool with excel. But after asking questions in the MSN workshop, I think I can give a valid reason as to why.

My reason:

Since all the demographic information are from Microsoft, they only want to give the tool to users who has purchased the Microsoft suite. The reason for this is the information being captured is only from Microsoft. Since users bought Microsoft Office, the demographic information was taken from pre surveys and purchasers filling out forms when they have purchased Office.

Did that make sense?

But anyways after the MSN workshop and the live demo of the keyword tool I was astonished with the power of Ad Intelligence. Mary our proctor said it is even better than WordTracker and all the other keyword tools out there. It seemed the keyword tool did a lot of break down. It even showed you demographics, gives you the options of similarity keywords, campaigns, etc. There was just a lot of features that I saw that no other keyword tool really had.

She maybe right because it does pull alot of information. But what is Ad Intelligence really?

The adCenter Add-in Beta is a keyword research and optimization tool, based in Excel and including the Ad Intelligence model, which enables you to:

  • Easily and quickly build out or expand keyword lists.
  • Effectively plan keyword strategy based relevance, cost history, volume, demographics, geography, and more.
  • Forecast monthly and daily keyword impressions and future trends.

source: adCenter

The downside about this system is you really need Office Excel 2007. Other than that the tool is very powerful. After the workshop I quickly went home and downloaded the tool bar for excel and played around with it. I was happy with it and I decided to give you guys a video tour of the excel keyword tool add in. Check below of the powerful ad intelligence keyword tool!

Ian Fernando
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