MSN AdCenter WorkShop and Top Affiliate Challenge

By Ian Fernando

First I want to update you an a situation or a contest that I have entered a while back, the Top Affiliate Challenge. The best part is your boy, yes, Ian Fernando will be going to take over and represent New Jersey in Nebraska. You can view my profile here and watch my video entries. I was a very strong person in the beginning and as time pass I had a new strategy and it worked. I ended up being from #56 to #12 and ended up in the top 25%. I was very eager and I was determined to make it to Nebraska.

Some of the bloggers or contestants I have met, JVed with, and have read their blogs. There are faces in the contest that I know and hope to network with them even after the show. If you have seen the Next Internet Millionaire, I assume this will be the same concept except it will be about affiliate marketing and not online marketing, a sub category of online marketing.

This competition or marketing show is made possible by Thor Schrock, whom I have also met and had great conversations in the past. Thor was one of the contestants in the Next Internet Millionaire as well and I think he had the most potential to do more than the winner. I mean you do not hear about Jaime Luchuck or even Charles Trippy. Thor has had ideas I bet once he was shipped home from the show and his name is ringing in the internet.

I hope to learn, network, and of course takeover. There are other experienced marketers on there and this would be good to compare myself to others. Now the blog maybe lost of post for the time I am in Nebraska, I may ask some of my readers to do a guest post, but still thinking I still have mixed ideas about guest posting.

Yesterday at the MSN AdCenter WorkShop

Yesterday, I was at the MSN AdCenter Workshop in New York. It was very informative but also very novice. Instead of just going for the whole day, I should have went to the afternoon sessions. The beginning of the MSN AdCenter workshop was starting with PPC and opening an MSN account. It also talked about PPC and it's basics.

The crowd was more of business oriented people who want to target customers, very few affiliates. Sad Face. I was very interested in some of the affiliates that were there, I talked to some and even met one of my readers! It was pleasing to talk to one of my readers and told him if he needed help to just contact me.

There were also some aspects I found interesting such as landing pages and different types of ad copy strategies. The most entertaining part of the workshop was the use of MSN AdCenter Ad Intelligence Excel Tool. It is crazy nice! I have already installed it and I was playing around with it last night, I think it may be even powerful than my Wordtracker!!! It gathers a lot of data and let you know al ot of keyword information.

Another aspects that I like was the tools in AdCenter AdLabs, I already use a lot of the AdLabs tools, but the workshop broke down a lot of information and how to use it to our advantages. Since I just started with MSN I will make sure I will take over it, because the traffic is good converting traffic. Microsoft did a lot of case studies and their results are great. I have read from other bloggers and affiliate marketers that MSN is better converting than other T1 search networks, so I definitely want to take advantage of this.

The workshop was from 8-5 a whole day, by mid day I was tired and since most of the information were fairly basic with a trick here and there, I kinda doze off. But the AdLab tools woke me up and questions others asked, with the exception of "What are impressions?" WOW I swear the person should not have been at the workshop. I talked to a couple people and by the end of the day everyone seemed to rushed out, I mean I did too - I guess everyone was super tired from the workshop.

After seeing the big numbers and tools and even little tricks with ad copy and landing pages it has motivated me to do more and take over MSN! I definitely will try to bare with the shitty ajax interface, but Mark, our presenter said we are all qualified for the AdCenter Desktop tool! I am super 'supped' to get that and I sent her an email late last night to make sure I can get it and start all my campaigns I want to run! With the desktop I know I should be able to do more and uploads campaigns the way I want without waiting or the shitty adcenter interface crashing.

* BTW - Guest Bloggers Send Me an eMail if you want to write for this blog.

* Also, winner for the Market Leverage Contest will be chosen shortly!!

Ian Fernando
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