My 24 Hour Setup and Results with LeadBit's Push Network, DatsPush

By Ian Fernando

With Push traffic gaining rise, I decided to test another push traffic source, DatsPush. First, let me say thanks to Olga for providing me some insights about the network at Affiliate World Asia.

We have been working together for quite sometime and she introduced me to their new push traffic and I was eager to discuss it with her.

Olga at Affiliate World Asia 2018

Ok so let us talk about DatsPush. I am going to put up some results and then talk about what happened as I did go through some hiccups with this traffic source in 24 hours.

First, I started with a simple $100 deposit to start testing out this traffic source and was provided a support team to get things going. In the platform I did have difficulty at first depositing but DatsPush team helped me through.

The interface can be confusing at first, but DatsPush definitely helped me navigate through it and pretty much got use to it fairly quickly. There are only a couple things you need in the platform, the others are really not needed.

DatsPush is fairly new and so is the traffic. I was not able to get volume up fairly quickly or meet my daily spend right away. I was way under. Take a look below at the 24 hour ad spend I did.

24 Hour Results via DatsPush Interface (1pm, Vietnam Time)

Not that much spend in 24 hours. I did, however, receive 1 conversion. So currently I am just down $1.04.

Let us break down this campaign just a bit more:

  • Daily Freq Cap of 3 impressions per device within a 24 hour period
  • Daily Spend Cap of 25$ a day
  • Started with 1 campaign
  • Rotating between 3 offers
  • Created 5 Creatives
  • 1 Universal Survey Lander
  • Only Targeting Android Mobile
  • I started the bidding at .02 but later increased it to .04. For this specific country, I found out the max bid was .26 cents. When inquired about it someone was trying to buy all the traffic from this one country.

Next here is a list of the creatives I uploaded. DatsPush does not have a preview for their creatives so it is best to use their exact sizes which is pretty universal among all push networks.

Try to Guess my Icons!!

I created 5, where the main images are different. The thing is I am still unsure if on all android devices are allowed to expand the notifications OR if they click on the notifications it goes to the lander??

If you know leave a comment.

When uploading these creatives, it didn't take that long for them to get approved. Maybe within 30 minutes, they all got approved.

One thing, is that you are able to pass campaign details unlike other Push traffic sources I have tried. So this is a single campaign with 5 images rotating.

Let continue breaking this down a bit more. Here is a snapshot of the 24 hour period, here is a break down of the columns:

Hour | Visits | Unique Visits | Clicks | Unique Clicks | Conversion | Cost

24 Hour Break Down

The first column is obviously the hour breakdown. You will see it a conversions happening at 3pm in the afternoon, but I have to convert this to Aussie time and that is either 2am or 3am depending where in Australia they converted.

The data for $5 isn't really enough for me to figure out what is going on with the traffic. Nor is it exciting. I will probably end up switching the type of offers as the volume is too low and too competitive in the country OR move the traffic to another country.

Most likely, I will move it to another country. This way I can keep the creatives the same or similar.

I asked for a break down of English speaking volumes and they provided that to me. This is the reason why I think I might try out another country instead of finding a new offer.

As of right now, DatsPush team have been very helpful with my questions and making sure the campaign I have setup is setup right. They boast the best quality push traffic in the space but push is already high quality in itself as they are all optins.

With that said, look forward to my full case study after all the ad dollars have been spent. Let me know what you look forward to in this case study.

Currently traveling back to the states, so will let this run to get a bit more data to start some day parting hopefully.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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