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By Ian Fernando

Its about time that $7 Offers has approved my eBooks. So far its only 2, I will be adding in about a couple more that I have created in the past. I am waiting on my graphics designer to go a head and create the covers. Well because my covers that I made, well let me just tell you mine are crayola base and not photoshop critique. I actually have him working on banners for my affiliate page as well. I have him doing a lot of graphics for my website, so I am giving him a little break.

But you can view my $7Offers page here. As of right now I only have 2 ebooks, which sell pretty well, especially my BlackJackHacks. I will be adding some of my old ebooks that are still unique on Jonathan Legers $7Offers webpage, again view my portfolio.

Well since we are speaking of $7 Offers let me go into detail what $7Offers is about. $7Offers is very similar to ClickBank. Its a marketplace of digital information and references, for just 7 dollars. There are some ebooks that are above $7, but the majority of the information are sold at $7.

You can view so many ebooks and information for just $7. But you do not want to just promote these products, you have to 'promote' these products. Remember its just like Clickbank, you need to know how to promote to users that will download the ebook. More users are more likely to purchase a $7 product over a $97.

But let me go and speak on the basis of $7 Offers.

  1. Using Iframes only guarantees you 75% commission.
  2. Sending users directly to $7Offers website guarantees 75% commission.
  3. Promoting each individual sales page with your paypal email, guarantees 100% commission.
    1. This differs with vendors using v2.6 - vendors can adjust commission percentages
    2. With 2.4 and 2.5 you will still earn 100% commission by sending users directly to the sales page.
  4. There are no stats such as conversion, commission, etc like clickbank
    1. But the list are organized by popularity.
    2. If you click on Arts, the product at the top converts more than the ones below it.
  5. The main page shows the top 3 Best Sellers, usually means more people will likely buy those items.

$7 Offers and its products have to be promoted correctly, because you will not earn anything if not promoted correctly. There are several ebooks on $7 Offers that I recommend, that speaks of how to properly sell and promote these digital products.

$7Selling is a popular read about to properly 'promote' your ebook or someone else and earn a good profit from it. I know that you are thinking. $7 is really not that of a big deal. But think about this would you have 1000 visiters purchase a 7 dollar ebook, than 10 people purchasing a 97 dollar ebook? The chances of a person purchasing a $7 product has a more high probability of buying than a product that is $97.

Well with $7Selling, William Crawford speaks of 23 way to directly promote $7 products from $7Offers, here is the breakdown:

What you'll discover inside

  • 12 sales techniques that You don't need a website for - You can easily sell online even if you don't have a website and you'll see how. Sounds crazy but it is 100% true (one of these techniques has made me money every month for 3 years.  All I get is bank deposits!)
  • 6 sales methods that don't require you to spend any money at all - zero investment methods, great if you don't have a budget or are just starting out and don't want to risk your hard cash.
  • The 4 key requirements you need to satisfy to make money online.  Without these you won't make a dime but you'll be shown how to put them in place. Are they difficult? No - just common sense (in hindsight!) This is such fundamentally important information that I ought to sell it in a report of its own.
  • A full Case Study Bonus of an email marketing promotion used to sell one of these report - including the actual wording of the email used to generate over $400 from 30 minutes work.

I suggest to go view the sales page, to learn more.

Now you are probably are promoting these 7 dollar ebooks, but tired of creating your own web layout everytime. Well $7Templates and $7MiniSites provides all these for you. Each template is named accordingly to Jonathan Legers' script, so there is no confusion. You just have to add in your content. Both websites, provide a great beautiful layout for each of your $7 products. $7Templates even provides an action macro for creating your ebook cover via Adobe Photoshop!

That is great because now you do not have to hire a graphics designer to create your ebook cover. This contradicts what i said above, but me myself, I am no graphic designer. If I was to create a banner, my banner would consists of a simply font and a plain solid background. I should show you my first ecover when I first started out on the internet as a marketer, I guarantee you will laugh! Wow, I am laughing right now at how pathetic that ecover was.

Ok stop reminiscing.

 Again, if you are new to the internet marketing world and want to make some decent positive cash, I suggest promoting: $7 Offers. As we all know that affiliate marketing is the best way to create good cash flow on the internet. Speaking of affiliate marketing, this specific blog has an affiliate system!

Yes my blog has an affiliate system. Every affiliate link here is generated into a special code, that split commissions with my affiliates. If a user you send to my site via your affiliate link clicks on any of these special links, I share the profits with you!

Well let me not get into it, that might be another post soon to come, but you can read about my affiliate system here. 

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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