My Weekend was Full of GREED!

By Ian Fernando

I had a Great weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed their barbecues and gatherings this past weekend. I was very busy with several things; of course, visiting family and friends.

But there was one thing that annoyed me this weekend that I saw in my inbox, and no it was not spam even though they do annoy me.

But the need of money from all these other marketers. BUY NOW, EARN MONEY QUICK, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, are all screaming in my inbox and these are marketers that either have some name or little name, they are not gurus but more so maybe like you and me. I joined their opt in to learn something or read about special updates to their sites. But I was wrong this weekend was just pathetic with emails saying to GO HERE, SELL THIS AND EARN, etc.

One email, I received is about an ebook selling at 7 dollars, asking me to be an affiliate. It was a joint venture email request. They provided a link describing the advantages of the ebook and why it would sell. The sad part about it is that they are selling the ebook at $7.20. Now, automatically I thought of the greed of that seller. The extra .20 cents is covering his fees that paypal is charging the seller. I have seen this ebook around as well and it is also using Jonathan Legers $7 Secrets Script. So I know that the ebook affiliate system runs through paypal. This guy is just greedy, trying to cover his fees paypal post to him.

If you are selling the ebook, you should know the fees, in this case paypal, that will be charged to you. Do not get greedy and try to save yourself the extra .20 cents. This ticks me off a lot. This means ‘to me’ that the marketer is just concerned about the income that he would like to generate and not helping others. I personally do not increase my prices because of fees. I price my products at the rate that it is worth. If I get a charged fee, that is fine because that is what happens with internet marketing, you pay for a service that is being provided to you.

Getting greedy is not the way to go on the internet marketing spectrum.

Greed is a horrible emotion that one has, if it takes you in you become selfish and have no concern for others. Having no concern for others does not sell! This person should be more concerned on helping someone that just trying to get his ebook purchased.

Another email I received this weekend was about a clickbank product. A short introduction to their email included: how it can benefit me, and a CHECK IT OUT NOW text with the hyperlink below it. This person is a pretty well known viral marketer, but does not know how to properly introduce his emails to reader. I didn’t end up even looking or clicking on the link, because he is demanding me to check it.

This to me is another sign of desperation; quick click my link so I can earn a buck! This attitude will not work in the real world nor will it work on the internet. Desperation will not work, begging users to visit a link in hops they will buy.

With email marketing you want to have a high conversion in 2 fields, one in clicks and another in purchases. Clicks are important because it gets the user to check out the landing page. If no one clicks because of poor email writing strategy then you just lost a reader, a buyer, and maybe a subscriber! You just lost a customer!

As well as getting clicks, creating a good relationship with your list is very important; they joined your list because they are expecting good results from you. Email after email with these entire sales gimmick instead of trying to merge the sales pitch with follow ups and relation base emails are better and will sell much better than: BUY NOW, CLICK HERE QUICK!

So these 2 marketers really did not do a good job with their techniques and they both lost because I did not help one promote his product, and the other I did not even bother clicking on the link provided with in the email.

As an internet marketer, you need to be a customer as well. You can say you are an expert but do not forget that you were once a customer as well. Me, I play 2 roles when I try to promote and create my emails. I add marketing techniques learned and have an attitude of a customer. I want to help the customer, so what are their needs and wants?

Getting greedy is another fail factor; you will definitely fail if you get greedy on the internet. If you are selling a product, be prepared to take the consequences of fees, nothing comes for free in life, especially to success.

I hope that the marketers that sent me the emails will change their attitude to better prosper in the internet marketing world, because they both lost a customer.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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