Review: How to Get Started with Creating Your First Campaign

By Ian Fernando

Thanks to MyBid, marketers can access some of the most experienced marketing teams. It was hard to imagine that a platform could give affiliate marketers all-inclusive service. This blog reviews the MyBid platform, how to get started, and its many benefits. 

What is MyBid.IO?

As one of the newest players in the digital marketing world, MyBid has been quietly working by drumming up interest from partners and advertisers for the last couple of years. 

Recently, MyBid has moved into the public eye, moving away from being just a fully managed affiliate marketing agency and now into a popular platform with some of the most stellar customer support. 

In my opinion, what stands out for me is the fact that MyBid is specifically for advertisers. Some of their best features are a fully managed advertising platform, various ad formats, wicked push notification ads, and much more. 

Getting Started with MyBid

Here’s a quick overview of getting started with With just six steps, you can be raking in cash in no time. 

  1. Define Your Campaign

By harnessing the power of the MyBid manager, I found it a breeze to find the perfect ad formats, landing pages, and creatives to make my campaign stellar. 

  1. Payment Method

In this second step,  I chose which payment method I wanted to use; I found it interesting to start with such a low deposit.

  1. Choose a Postback or Share Your Stats if You Want

The MyBid manager helped me take my marketing campaign to a whole new level; I was able to optimize everything resulting in some wicked stats and leads. 

  1. Get Your Campaign Started

After that, the MyBid manager quickly set my campaign and started it; I didn’t have to lift a finger. 

  1. Optimize Your Campaign

Here I was able to change bids, tweak creatives, and even add more advertising formats to scale my campaign. 

  1. Time to Profit

Finally, the most attractive allure of affiliate marketing advertising is to count your profits; with MyBid, I was shocked at my ROI. 

With MyBid, You’ve Got Ad Options 

Honestly, I was blown away by how many advertising formats MyBid has available; there is something for everyone here. Below is a list of all advertising formats and my thoughts on each option:

  • Push Notification Ads

Out of all the ad formats, push notifications are probably the most effective when it comes to advertising; I can easily reach my target audience without going broke. I love push notifications because they work well on web browsers and mobile devices, with cheap traffic and high returns. 

  • PopUnder Ads

I’ll keep this one short and sweet; with popunder ads, I find that they’re a great way to keep your budget low while still getting high-quality leads. 

  • Widget Notification 

As a relative newcomer to the affiliate marketing world, widget notifications have a reputation for generating traffic using a strict filtering system, resulting in quality leads that’ll convert. 

  • Native

For native ads, it’s common to see them on news websites or blogs, appearing like they’re part of the content. As one of the most potent ad formats, native ads can generate quality traffic from their natural, inviting appearance. 

  • Banner Ads

As one of the oldest formats, banner ads are a tried-and-true option for affiliate marketing. Typically found at the top of websites, displayed like a “banner,” these ads are a great starting point for any beginner affiliate marketers. 

  • Video

As in-stream videos continue to grow in popularity for ads, it’s great to know MyBid is keeping up with the times. The biggest advantage videos have is that they can easily evoke emotions and let viewers visualize the product without holding or using it physically. 

Some Advantages of Using MyBid

Here’s my list of some of the best advantages when using MyBid to take your affiliate marketing campaign to the next level. 

Your Exclusive Managers

The best thing about is the personal manager; they provide the tools I need to scale my campaign and business successfully. With access to these incredible tools, I can confidently reach my target audience, watch what ads are converting, and see where I need to make any changes.

Super easy to interact with my managers, I mean they gave me 2. Since I just supply them with a link, they start making sure it becomes profitable.

It’s Accommodating

As one of the best options, regardless of what product or service you’re trying to sell, MyBid can accommodate all verticals and niches. This point is what sold me on using this platform; with a wide range of options for possible offerings, I can have peace of mind knowing my campaign will be a hit. 


With loads of flexible settings, I found it easy to customize my traffic, focusing on specific needs and interests. By targeting by country, IP address, browser type, or operating system, MyBid is the perfect tool to convert high-quality traffic.  

Tons of Ad Options

Lastly, I found MyBid’s extensive library of ad formats to be a factor that sealed the deal for me. With many options that can work for any vertical, campaign type, or target audience, MyBid was the missing piece to my affiliate marketing puzzle. 

My Verdict on MyBid

My verdict for MyBid would be two thumbs up if you didn’t guess it. With MyBid’s personal manager, I have another set of eyes looking at incoming traffic and much more. In the end, MyBid took care of the stats, and I could focus on increasing my conversions and profits. For more information, go to MyBid now and learn more today!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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