MySpace ADs: First Case Study

By Ian Fernando

So when Myspace ads finally came out I was undecided to advertise on there. I have advertise on there via Google Content network and found the traffic to be pretty bad. But I then saw that you can target demographics, which then I thought might be something good to test out. So I registered and found the interface to be the most sophisticated platform on the Myspace network. Honestly Myspace layouts are the only reason why myspace is so big.

Anyways, I decided to concentrate on 2 things or verticals when choosing an offer. I figured everyone on Myspace are all pornstars and gothic kids or lonely people. I decided to promote dating but a more niche dating service. I also decided to do ringtones, just because there are young kids on there that are retarded and may want a ringtone. When I first started I complained how it took forever for Myspace to approve my ads. Luckily my readers have informed me of a dumb mistake on my end and finally had my ads approved after several hours.

So I tested about 2 offers from NeverBlueAds and 1 from another network (they were hassling me) and put them up on Myspace for about 1 week. I was amazed at the results that came in and also saw that there is some money on Myspace. This is pretty typical for banner advertising, tons of impressions and tiny CTR. Very similar to Facebook and GCN. Below you can see my CTR and my impressions base on the ads I was advertising. I was testing both 300 * 250 and 728 * 90. Right now those are the only 2 ads that are being displayed on the Myspace networks. 

You can also see that I was denied 2 ads, not sure why and didn't care at the time. But you can also see one ad only got 4k impressions. The reason for that is because it took forever for the ads to get approved and only was able to be shown on the last day or so, so bad CTR on that. My daily spend was pretty base for testing mode, some campaigns I just did the standard $25 and another I did about $500, the thing is you are not using all that in 1 day, it seems Myspace tries to spend it evenly across the available days you provide and want the ads to be shown.

Screenshot below is me using Prosper202. I did earn money but not that much. I didn't even come out even, gah. But it is cool. You see that my spending is far greater than my earnings: $49.90 vs $111.97 (this is a little more than what I had to pay Myspace, actual bill was at $101.70). So I am actually down, but I did profit on one day more than the other days. 

These stats are only from Neverblue and not the other network, the other network expired their offer after like 1 day (so no conversions), gay.

The weird part about this trend is I did great the first couple days and then holy crapper the last couple days. Not sure what that meant. Also it seemed there are specific days where my offer did better. But it may be what I stated earlier, if I want to only spend $25 between 3 days it may diverse the spending among the 3 days. Similar to if I want to spend a total of $500 in 7 days it would split the spendings among the days, which maybe the cause of the type of trend I have. This can be also a reason why I had more conversions on some days and others I didn't.

Since this was a testing phase I only direct link to the offer, I did not create a bridge page for any of the offers. Now what questions come to mind after seeing such stats. 

  • Trends
  • Type of Demographics
  • Type of User profiles
  • Hourly data needed
  • What days did better
  • Why more impressions on some days
  • etc
There are just a lot of questions to ask. I will be digging in more and seeing if I can profit from Myspace, I mean Facebook hates me as is. So There is money to be mad on Myspace but can it be profitable enough in the long run to be sustainable? There are many talks about what offers to run on Myspace. I typically ran what came to mind right away about Myspace: whores and lonely people with kids. So dating just came to mind. I will be testing other offers on Myspace to see what else can be converted. Are you testing any offers on Myspace? How are they turning out for you?
Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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