MySpace Don't Want My Money Either

By Ian Fernando

So Facebook didn't want my money. But I think Facebook hates me since my ads never get through most of the time. Well I heard about Myspace Ads and I was really excited until my ads are not getting approved! I was really eager to get some ads through and I was hoping it would do better than me advertising on Google Content Network on Myspace. But I was kinda of hesitant to advertise on MySpace. Thinking back I did well with Myspace before pornstars took over and gothic children, but it is hard to advertise on Myspace.

I even tried some Google Content stuff on there and nothing converted or not as good. But when Myspace Ads came out there were some things that are different and made me think a little. I also thought to myself traffic is traffic, but is it good? Everything looks good because:

  1. You are able to chose demographics - but do not have a lot of options to really chose from
  2. Image only, good banners capture good audience - but only 2 sizes are allowed
  3. The interface is really nice - real professional

Well I started on the 25th of this month and only created 2 campaigns in hopes to see some clicks soon. Hmmm well I think they were bombarded with everyone trying to advertise, so I allowed 24 hours. Ok so they are getting hit hard because everyone is blogging about this platform, so I allowed 48 hours. GOSH! I am losing it still pending after close to 5 days! Below still pending!

have anyone been able to advertise on Myspace, I know some of my friends were able to get some ads through. They waited about 4 days or even less, I should be like I am IAN FERNANDO - let my ads through! Ha they will prob just point and laugh. Well right now it does not look that I will be advertising on Myspace soon enough. I was hoping it would be better than facebook, I mean facebook did well on one offer but I was not able to get other offers approved. But what Myspace needs to do is stop letting the intern pornstars look at the ads!

Has anyone been able to advertise on Myspace? If so what is it like? What is the conversion? The traffic like?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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