MySpace Marketing - Not Worth It

By Ian Fernando

Well GREAT! My Myspace got deleted and good! I hated Myspace and I hated marketing on it, I stopped marketing on Myspace ever since spam was an issue and getting a couple dollars from Myspace was not worth the time and effort.

When I first got on Myspace I thought about marketing on there, in the young stages of Myspace. Where it reached only about 10million users and spam was not an issue. Now, there are so many bots and programs and phishing tools on there that its not worth it to market on Myspace.

Myspace was a great tool to market to prior but was not worth it, I wrote an article about it on go articles and you can view it here: Myspace Marketing Will Not Work! I basically stated that you are trying to get the young audience and market to the young crowd where they will mostly not buy anything. So why market on there, because if every person from Myspace donated a penny and there were 1 million users, you are an instant millionaire, but that will never happen.

Now when I log on to just see what my friends are doing or other marketers are doing, my bulletin is flooded with garbage, my message is flooded with spam or friend request, and I get friend request with dumb girls (porn related profiles), and worst of all someone from Massachusetts or another state promotes their band or club on my comment section! I doubt I will be going out of my local area to travel 300 miles to visit a club I do not know to hear a band that is not even popular. WHY they promote that why I do not know!

Well I have created 2 profiles, one which had the intent to market my products and affiliates, which got deleted because I was marketing on Myspace, well so does everyone else and why according to the TOS that I can not market yet there are marketing forums, communities, and spammers that annoy everyone on it.

With one of my profiles, my email and password were phished several times, and sent several comments to all of my friends on my list, annoying my friends and other users.

Another profile was meant for my friends and strictly for them and family. Yet that was deleted too, I believe because I login from the same IP. Well I do not care anymore, Myspace and social networking sites are being more targeted to marketers and spammers and for those marketers that are new trying to just gain an extra 1 a day are pathetic. If you are a good marketer you will target your specific niche and market properly without annoying others.

This is me just ranting about Myspace and I do not know if other social networks are being under attack since this is my first time actually joining a community of friends. There are other out there as well such as: BlackPlanet, Hi5, LinkedIn, Xanga, FaceBook, etc. I will see the others to see if spammers are attacking those as well.

If you do a search on ?Myspace Marketing? you will se many articles out there on how to do it properly and successfully. I do not think these tactics work NOW! My reason is because Myspace is too big to be controlled from programmers and spammers, even Tom himself can not control this mess himself.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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