NDemand Sponsors IANteract Dinner at #ASE12

By Ian Fernando

Last year, NDemand Affiliates sponsored my IANteract dinner and it was a blast. Mike came up to me and kept asking if I had any other networks sponsoring my dinner this year. At the time of his questions I had 3 networks in line. Slowly they diminished or are now not attending Affiliate Summit NY 2012. This dinner has been beneficial to everyone that attends as well as the users who sponsors my this private dinner.

NDemand has hosted several events in the past for example their Puerto Rico Meetup was a great event to be at. This year they are having it in Atlantis, Bahamas. I will be attending this meetup as well, just because I have never been to Atlantis and it is always great hanging with a good friend within the industry, Mike Pacheco.

This is a way for me to surround myself with people who makes more money than me. This strategy has helped me grown over the years as well and strengthen relationships within the industry. Last year when Ndemand sponsored the IANteract dinner, it was held in a beautiful steakhouse where we had our dinner in the wine gallery. Here are some images from the dinner last year.

This is a way for the network to know my peers within the industry and network more intimately about the industry and how everyone can do business with one another. I have started this dinner on my second Affiliate Summit, when it was in Boston. I was asking myself, how fast can I network with someone that does better than me? Simple, invite them to dinner. So I created this private dinner and it has been a success ever since. I have had multiple networks wanting to sponsor this dinner right after, because my first IANteract dinner of 25 people, I paid for.

Again, this was a quick sure fire way of me getting close with marketers and entrepreneurs who make more money than I do or at least of equal value. I am very excited about this dinner and ofcourse can not wait to be at Affiliate Summit. This Summit we are having the IANteract dinner at Uncle Jacks Staekhouse, this is fairly close to the Hilton and received great reviews on Yelp.

This place is a mix of steak and seafood and I can not wait to see everyone at the dinner. Again, this is happening at Affiliate Summit East in NY this year. This is happening this coming August! Can't believe it is already time for another Affiliate Summit!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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