Networking with Twitter

By Ian Fernando

Recently i have been noticing a lot of bloggers getting involved with twitter. JohnChow has recently joined to interact with all his readers. But twitter is not a social tool to use and get in touch with so many a-listers. Twitter is a great networking tool! I personally find it very valuable since now I have found a great web designer and programmer.

I have been talking about twitter several times on my blog. Twitter has been very beneficial to me in several ways. The fact that I am able to speak with big time A-Listers is a big advantage. For example if I send an email to Darren Rowse, I may not get a direct email response from him right away. A-Listers are always busy and always swamped with email.

With Twitter I have a higher chance of communicating with Darren or anyone else. Twitter is similar to a chat client but seamlessly integrates with their network. What is far better than contacting A-Listers, contacting everyone at once! I love the fact that I can just ask one question and get numerous responses from other people that are following me. This proves to be a great networking tool for me and an asset since I can ramble about small things and get responses about ad networks, problems with, etc.

There are also many posts coming up about Twitter and its advantages. A lot have to do with programs, websites, wordpress plugins etc. It seems recently Twitter has found its benefits among social people and bloggers. Bloggers can easily just ramble and say "I am about to go down a high roller coaster" off their IM client and others will jump in stating other aspects or more creatively someone might leave a comment yea I am on that ride too! The networking possibilities is endless!

Advantages of Twitter:

  • Networking Possibilities
  • Advantages to Chat with A Listers
  • Helpful Responses from other Twitter Users
  • Easy Twitter API - JoeTech has generated TwitterTech
  • Let everyone know that you just 'farted' and see who 'farted' with you

Twitter Tools I Use:

  • Twhirl - Desktop App
  • Twitter Tools - WordPress Plugin which publishes your tweets on your blog and auto tweet your new posts on the twitter network.
  • Twitter Scan - Online search on the twitter network - see who is talking about you or a specific topic
  • Twitter Atlas - See who is twittering all around the world
  • Twitter on Facebook - Twitter updates your Facebook status everytime you twit
  • TweetStats - Great little Analytics to see a visual view of your activities and spy on others - check mine out

I find no disadvantages with Twitter with the exception maybe it can be a time waster. I notice myself watching the alerts from my twitter desktop app, Twhirl. It does take a way from the time when I am doing keyword researching and landing page designs. I seem to want to know what others are doing, its just human - we like drama.

Video of what I basically just said above:

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Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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