NeverBlueAds Looks Promising

By Ian Fernando

I just recently started using NeverBlueAds. I have been reading a lot about it from Zac Johnson's blog and his success. He has been using it for quite sometimes and have had great success with it. Well I to am having some success with it and I have only been using it for a couple days and have earned a good number to date, I think anyways for just starting with it.

What is NeverBlueAds?

NeverblueAds is a leading performance-based affiliate network. Both advertisers and affiliates recognize NeverblueAds as credible, trustworthy, and effective.

Through our network of select affiliates, we connect many thousands of qualified customers to online advertisers each year.

NeverBlueAds operate on a performance-based model, so advertisers and affiliates enjoy the benefits of efficient, custom online advertising that is constantly monitored for effectiveness.

Now that you know a little about NeverBlueAds, I want to share with you my results for the last 5 days. Though my results may not be as impressive as Zac's 50,000 earnings, but it is a start especially if I just started.

From Zac Johnson's 50000 Earnings Post:

I have now earned over $50,000 in commissions using their network. I tell you this not to brag or boast, but to continually motivate you. As a reader of this blog you know I am not trying to sell you products or services, I simply want you to make more money.

But here is my end result for just promoting 2 campaigns. Since I started in late November I just only earned 11$ as you can see from the graph to the left. Yesterday is when I saw the spike in earnings, just shy $50, so far for December I have earned close to $50. I think this is not bad for just 5 days of testing and working with NeverBlue.

So far I have only spent $68 on a new PPC campaign. So that means my ROI is still in the negatives but if I can duplicate my strategy over the next couple weeks prior to Christmas I think I can earn a positive ROI with NeverBlueAds.

The image to the left is another form of viewing my earnings via NeverBlueAds. These stats are right on the dashboard once logged into NeverBlue.

So for this morning when I checked my status I already earned $9.75 this is great. Earning money while I sleep, not bad I think.

I also chose specific publishers to advertise since it is the holiday season I think I would get a good turn around with specific niches for this holiday season.

Mark from is also testing out with NeverBlueAds and have posted an update from his experiences. He will be using PPC campaigns as well such as Adwords. I look forward to his results and stats as well.

I think these stats are pretty good with just testing it out with NeverBlueAds, I think they are far better than which does not have that high of a payout. I do OK with CJ, especially now that I have opened I think I am doing better than before.

What I like from NeverBlueAds

When I first signed up, I received a call the next day to talk about my websites and the strategies I will be using to accomplish my tasks and goals with their publishers. I simply explained I will be doing PPC marketing and advertising via websites and other means.

We talked about one of my specific websites and I explained how I will be bringing traffic to such campaigns. With I never talked to an 'affiliate coach' I just browse the campaigns and check which one is good and which isn't. With NeverBlue I have an 'affiliate coach' in which I can ask certain/specific questions on a publisher etc, and the response time is usually the next day via email. I think that is what separates them from other similar networks.

Now since NeverBlueAds looks promising I think I will try to use some tactics in full swing to go ahead and get at least maybe 50$ per day? I made 50$ yesterday so I should be able to duplicate this and maybe do more testing.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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