New Jersey IANteract and my Facebook Group

By Ian Fernando

This is a well over do post but I have been trying to create a more social community. But with so many ideas in my head and just trying to keep up with my campaigns and testing new traffic sources and more stuff here and more stuff here, I lost track of time and even what I want to let you guys know about.

So to get a social community gathering going I decided to do 2 things. I want a physical New Jersey meetup, in where I can interact and share ideas with other like minded affiliates. This specific meetup is open to anyone, noob or expert. It is all about networking and learning something different. Even after the meetup we can grab a drink after.

I wanted to create a meetup similar to what Wes Mahler has been doing at I had this in my mind for a while even before meetup202 and even before my current meetup. I just didn't have the drive to do it or even had the time. But the New Jersey IANteract is in collaboration with Meetup202 and will be a community of affiliates and entrepreneurs. I want to thank Wes for just pushing me to get shit ready.

About Meetup202

MeetUp202 is a place for affiliate marketers to meet with other like-minded marketers locally. Get together with super affiliates in your area, grow your personal network of contacts and share tips and tricks with fellow marketers. Each MeetUp202 event is different, headed by different organizers, they are generally causal networking events at placing that sell food and provide WiFi access.

My Current Meetup

I already have a mastermind group with 2 other people, we meet up about 1 a month in NY or via tele conference. This specific meetup consists of me, Ad Hustler, and Wayne Dog. Our group is very diverse, which is why I think our group of 3 is very powerful. This specific meetup is very intimate and we discuss and share stats, talk about offers we do, do 3 way split testing and share the results. I have learned a lot within out intimate group. Within our group, I trust my 2 mastermind friends and same with them. I think it is a reason why we kept it so small. Since our industry of affiliate marketing is a difficult industry to find trust.

IANteract New Jersey

This specific meetup will be a mix and be more of a networking and learning aspect. I look to see what other smaller affiliates are looking at and see what their issues are. I know I am not that big of an affiliate but I do know my basics - I should be adwords approved, just need the time. I also want to talk to affiliates on their ideas and how they attack offers and promotion. I know most of the discussion maybe about Adwords and PPC. I would like to have an interaction with others and just see what everyone else talks about.

Facebook Group: IANteract FB

Recently I also created a Facebook Group. The reason is because I was at Blog World and was really impressed with Shama's session on Facebook. I created the Facebook group to get closer with my readers and which was the reason why I launch my forum but it seemed to be a little slow at this time. I also wanted to get a little more personal with people and see what their daily lives are all about. It isn't just about marketing anymore it is about getting personal with everyone you meet.

With Facebook I can communicate with my readers taht friend me and if they join the group it is more of a secluded environment where we can just discuss topics. I hope to get more social with my readers and people that have the same mindset as I do. I just hope I have the time to keep up with all the other projects I am working on.

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