Newbie Cash Machine Report and Review

By Ian Fernando

Well, I have done it again. I bought Ewen Chia's Newbie Cash Machine. Whew and what a read, all 141 pages! It must have taken Ewen a really long time to write it up, but being successful I bet he had someone write it for him with him editing and inserting new topics etc.

With that said, I have done it again, I have released a report about Newbie Cash Machine. It is some what a review in its own and state some good topics Ewen goes into, which in turn I myself went into as well.

You can view the landing page here, did I mention the report is free? Go Grab it!

I created it just in time for Memorial day Weekend too. Great timing since I will be busy with family, so there may not be a post on this blog over the coming days.

Well let me just talk about Ewen Chia's Newbie Cash Machine for a bit. This will be like a mini review about his ebook.

Ewen Chia is an affiliate marketer, and is very successful at it. So why not write about something that you are great at? Well he did, and it is about affiliate marketing. The techniques within this ebook are very basic (to me), which is good for the traditional noob.

Ewen does go into greater detail about information, wants, desire, getting emails, etc. This eBook is 141 pages, so there is a lot of details here. The fonts are not size 36 either, which for some reason I tend to see it often. Let me know if my fonts are too big on my reports.

Well, the introduction of the ebook kinda warns the user, asking or some what saying there will be work done and need to be taken serious. Which is true, because there are SO MANY eBooks out there that state you can start making money within 2 hours, overnight, 1 week, etc. It takes several trial and errors to be successful, believe me.

Ewen states this with all his seriousness, because if you are not serious what is the point of learning? Why do you always want the easy way out? If Internet Marketing was real easy, then everyone would be rich and we would not be making money off each other!

But, Newbie Cash Machine is a very informative ebook, again going in depth and taking each action one step at a time. Giving the newbie the understanding of affiliate marketing, auto responders, gathering traffic, etc.

I enjoyed the eBook since there were some aspect that I did not know and I was like 'O Duh'. So some aspects I will be testing and see how it works, I might even re read it several times just in case I miss something that I overlooked or just took for granted.

Well after all that reading and creation of my report, I want to wish everyone a great Memorial Weekend!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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