Next Internet Millionaire: 2 JV Winners

Damn it! Both are winners, but not quite. This episode took a spin on things because I was expecting a winner but there is one more episode left! I was very disappointed when I heard both were “Hacker Safe.”

But again there is one more episode as both really JVed with Joel to make their product launch today. Jaime has launched Cubicle to Millionaire book and it is on! While Charles has launched “Viral Video Fever” – make me want to do that head shaky thing, while guitars are rumbling in the background.

I actually viewed both sales letter, and Charles definitely caught my attention to his product and makes me want to buy his product, while Jaime’s book’s sales letter is just loooong and those BUY it NOW links are everywhere! Anyways here is my video review:


I will be looking at both sales letter in depth and maybe even write about it. Take a look at both sales letter and let me know what you think about them.

Charles Trippy: Viral Video Fever

Jaime Luchick: Cubicle to Millionaire

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