Next Internet Millionaire: Do you Speak By Yourself?

I finished watching the Next Internet Millionaire on since the actual website did not have it updated, then later to find out I get an email saying its up on the website 22 minutes into the show.

Copywriting! This is great because I learned a lot of stuff on this and I think it will be put to good use once I release and market my new product. I think I may have to adjust my sales letter a little, but it mostly fit the categories of what the speaker was saying, Rich.

The introduction was very long since we finally know what the ecommerce chips were used for and they actually told and maybe helped Joel in his decision process. I think the ecommerce chips were used inadequalty – I just didn’t get or understand the main purpose of the ecommerce chips, obviously it was meant for decision making.

Well here is my little ramble of the Next Internet Millionaire:


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