Next Internet Millionaire: Episode 3: Review

By Ian Fernando

As you know I have been creating Next Internet Millionaire Video Reviews. This is my way of stepping into the video blogging field. In any case I watched episode 3 of the Next Internet Millionaire and found it to be interesting and unique. I did not know Joel Comm had some real estate.

Late Tuesday night on September 5th I wanted to watch it, but it was not uploaded to the webpage right away. I even waited late at night to see if it was going to be up. No. So I watched it the next day. After fully watching it I went ahead and created a video review for it.

I apologize this is a little late as I did not have time to edit it. I actually was having issues with my new camera and using it with Windows Movie Maker, so I decided to use iMovie on my iBook G4. With that said here is my little video review of the Next Internet Millionaire Episode 3.


Here are what others are saying about this specific episode:

Vlad says:

The third episode caught my eye. While I like a good game of poker, I do not consider myself a great player. I do however have some experience in Real Estate. Even though I let my real estate license expire, there are certain things I have learned that will stay with me for a long time. Things that I use, unconsciously and sometimes consciously, in affiliate marketing.

Mike Young has a Video post about it on his blog and says:

How do you make a giant disappear? Specifically, how does 6′11″ contestant Jason Henderson disappear from Joel Comm’s Next Internet Millionaire?

And more importantly, why does he disappear?

Wealth Mountain News shows you the main lessons learned from this episode:

  • Product Launch
  • Product Funnel

Ask Bob the Teacher says:

The episode features training from Jeff Walker. I had the chance to meet him for a few minutes in February. He’s a great guy, although you don’t get to learn too much from him in this episode.

Ian Fernando
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