Next Internet Millionaire – Episode 6

Laura is a Crazy Girl! This time I actually like this episode because it was worth watching! They did a challenge outside of the “CommPlex” and had to do some interaction. There were more controversies while doing the immunity challenge.

The only downside that I thought was out of the ordinary is the last part – they all went to the bar. Laura was in heaven! I thought that internet marketing is all about making money online or being entrepreneur, not party like a millionaire. I found that it did not fit the theme of “Next Internet Millionaire,” maybe it’s just me but they do deserve the fun! I just did not think it was meant for the show. I wouldn’t mind going out either – they deserve to have a great time. With all these marketing knowledge being thrown at them so heavily they do need a shot or two.

This video was made right when I got back from vacation and started to unpack. I checked my email and saw this episode, and thought “I need to be on top of my video review!” Don’t mind the look and hair.


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