Next Internet Millionaire: Free Costa Rica Trip

With the Halloween hour almost coming to a close I have managed to put together this video for you. If you have been following my blog, I have been creating video, in attempt to get comfortable with video marketing. Well it is coming to a close end as a new winner will arise from the Next Internet Millionaire Show.

As I have stated I decided to do this video late, because of trick or treaters coming in and ringing the doorbell. I actually went out today and bought some candy, I was not on point today. Also this video review is pretty lengthy and maybe even a little confusing for others, I mean I had a lot on my mind today.

Also, Jason Marshal, a guy from New Jersey, where I am from is being a little bitch yet again. It is a competition a challenge, a game! So take that baby marketing to Babies R Us. He would be a great marketer if it was not for his self minded soul. Well here is the video, enjoy!


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