OIOPublisher Looks Shiny New!

By Ian Fernando

Everyone at BlogWorld was saying sell direct ads, they are more worth it than putting up an Adsense block on your blog. This is true, since you can make money advertising other companies on your blog. Now I wrote about OIO Publisher in the past and even interviwed Simon, the creator of OIO Publisher. Now if you have not noticed OIO Publisher went through a huge change in looks and its software.

OIO has been doing a great job in creating a network with its service. OIO is not just a direct ad selling platform but it creates almost of a community with other blogs. Some features I want other users or bloggers to start using is the job board and blog conversation. These 2 functions is a great addition to the OIO and have been but have not really been marketed correctly.

A lot talk about the direct selling platform and how your blog can act as a server as well, but not the other juices of this great system. For example the Job Board is a great addin because of:

-> Integration with other blogs

-> It is localized then redistributed to the interface of bloggers

If everyone or if WordPress decided to have OIO as a default plugin for all wordpress users, this would be a very powerful feature. I would be able to find someone who would like to do a guest post or maybe do some work. This is great because if I go on vacation I can post up a job saying I need guest bloggers instead of posting it and then waiting, with the job board it is distributed among the blogs. I really want that feature to be more used.

Another is the blog conversation. This is a great feature not being utalized. Instead of track backs and comments responding to the response a blog post can act as a huge response and look like a conversation between 2 parties (2 blogs or even more). Blog conversation allows blogs to interact with one another and not just ping and trackback to the original post, it is a conversation.

Simon and his team has done a great job in creating this platform, I also know he is coming up with a new system which will be a great addition to the OIO system. You know there are multiple add ons or services that distributes ads and sells ads and try to take advantage of the direct selling platform for bloggers. But I think OIO has bloggers in mind and social marketing in mind as well. There are constant updates and it is definitely worth grabbing.

Though with such a powerful system comes a price tag. This system only cost $47, which you can earn it back after selling 1 ad! There is just a lot of great things OIO has in stores, it becomes a necessity sometimes to even have a powerful direct ad platform for your blog!

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Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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