Online Marketing Gurus: the Truth about their Content and Personalities

By Ian Fernando

Just last night, I went to raid Attila home to take some campaigns away but got caught by his two little minions pups that quietly barked my location on his property.

Instead, I got Attila to talk about online gurus and what he thinks of them. There is a huge opinion in our industry specifical among affiliates about online gurus. I even have my own opinions about them as well.

So after a couple of drinks in Attila and I wanted to put this discussion out there to the community and see what you thought to see if we can shed some light on the guru space.

This video was pre-recorded as it went Live on Attila FB page.

There was a lot that we discussed especially if there are good and bad gurus out there. My definition of an online marketing guru is someone that is aggressively trying to show you an old tactic that doesn't work anymore. CLICK THAT BIG RED BUTTON NOW type of sale page.

... but as Attila says there are also some good gurus out there. For example, Jason Akatiff is a mastermind veteran when it comes to online marketing. Do I consider him a guru not really because he isn't in it for your CC, he genuinely loves this industry.

Jason spits out so much experience that you want to Netflix and Chill right there. At the end of his conversation, he says try it out or good luck and doesn't bother pitching you a $5,000 course.

You can just walk up to him and ask him questions about the game and he will discuss it with you openly and guess what it is free. Attila brought up an interesting point where some gurus you are not allowed to even walk up to them unless you pay a "walk up to me fee".

Meaning some of these gurus think they value their time and that they need to charge you for the 5-minute conversation you will have with them. Instead of building a relationship and trying to help out than through a PDF download.

Attila even goes into discussing how a 'guru' blatantly stole the content of one of his friends and the same Youtube thumbnail and put it out as his own.

It happens all the time content is being recycled and renamed as someone's expertise. This online marketing space is very saturated and to get an edge, gurus do what they must to look like the expert rather than create a quality community. Make sure to check out Attila's Forum where he exposes all of them.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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