Optimize Your 'Share This' Plugin for Alexa

By Ian Fernando

As you all know I have been talking about StumbleUpon a lot on this blog. Terence Chang is one of the blogs I read a lot if he has a post on StumbleUpon. I even wrote about a project I was going to do with one of Terence Chang post about Alexa and StumbleUpon.

I can say I was reading a lot about Alexa and how to increase my rankings and I have decided to edit a plugin that I and every bloggers are using everyday! Well I have upgraded my Share This Plugin, which was originally created by Alex King. I have adjusted some of its properties to incorporate one of Terence Chang's Techniques. I even added 2 new social bookmark networks within it as well, DropJack and Sphinn.

The Share This plugin is a wordpress plugin which will allow your visitors to share your content via social bookmarking sites and/or e-mailing the post to a friend. This is a great viral activity for any blog or websites that uses the Share This Plugin.

Now for every user that bookmarks your website or post, it automatically incorporates the Alexa redirect URL prior to your post. Why? This helps your Alexa rankings for those who do not have the Alexa Toolbar.

Imagine someone bookmarking your website on StumbleUpon with the upgraded Alexa Share This Plugin. Since it will incorporate the redirect URL for Alexa, your page will be stumbled with that specific URL. We all know how much SU traffic can be brought from there.

Alexa can only determine the traffic rank for a website if they are aware of the traffic. They do this by collecting the information gathered from their toolbar. This excludes traffic received from visitors that do not use their toolbar. Well if a user does not have a toolbar, what are webmasters going to do to help increase their rankings?

Experts say to always try to use the Alexa redirect script as often as possible. No matter when or where you provide a link to your website, be sure to use the equivalent Alexa redirect URL. For example, when providing a link to my website, I use http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?https://www.ianfernando.com. If you copy this URL into your browser, it will take you to the main page of my blog. Each visit will count toward your Alexa Rankings.

Well how does Alexa really work?

Alexa gathers Site Stats from a variety of sources to provide key statistics about each site on the web. These include: Traffic Rank and Speed which are derived from Web usage information, and Other sites that link to this site, and Online Since, both of which come from Web content.


The Alexa Ranking focuses more on the AMOUNT of traffic that your site receives, not the linkage. Ofcourse, the two are related, but the merits tell different tales. Now, as much as traffic is a good thing for conversion, it has a lower effect on search engine rankings and SEO. Alexa Ranking numbers work in reverse, as well. The lower the number, the higher the ranking. Most websites start off in the millions. Websites below 100,000 usually means heavy traffic.

With this new upgrade for the Share This Plugin, you can help increase your rankings faster. Every post that is bookmark will be bookmarked with the Alexa Redirct URL and if you get all those clicks from the social bookmarks, you will get thousands of clicks with the optimize link!

Now why have I added Sphinn and DropJack to the Share This Plugin?

The reason I did this is because I have recently posted about those 2 new social site. Sphinn is very good because its all about internet marketing. DropJack is fairly new and can provide you with good visibility and traffic!

I like Sphinn more so over than DropJack since it is more about Internet Marketing and targets that specific crowd/niche. These social bookmark communities are great to help promote your new blog as they are new to the internet. Being on top of the new atmosphere that is everyday changing on the internet is crucial.

So are you ready to optimize your Share This plugin? Are you ready to increase your Alexa traffic rankings? Just Enter Your Name and Email Below!


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