OutBack SteakHouse with John Chow

The last day in Nebraska, John Chow and I and so many other contestants went to Outback steakhouse, which was about a block or so away. The rest of the team went ahead and had sandwiches for dinner. I wanted something bigger, Nebraska should be a meat hungry state – so I wanted STEAK!

It was the last day for me and I definitely wanted to have some meat on me, I mean I think I lost weight while I was in Nebraska. I also didn’t get to work out for 2 weeks, I barely did cardio and calastetics. Well Collin L, Collin D, Jani, Jon Ryan, Carl Zetterlund, John Chow, and I all went to OutBack Steak House. It was very interesting because we actually talked about the show and how it can be improved. While the rest of the contestants and members received sandwiches we had meaty steaks.

We had fun messing around with the waitresses and just chit chatting on how the show can be far better. Well, this is a quick post and here are some images from the OutBack Steak House earlier and John Chow’s Video about eating ‘healthy’:


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