Overall of San Francisco and Ad:Tech 2008

By Ian Fernando

The next couple days I will post about what I learned and experience at Ad Tech and San Francisco. I just want o give you an overall experience of how San Francisco was and the general of Ad:Tech. San Francisco is a great place I do not think it is better than Jersey or make this a West vs East thing but it has its good sides.

First day it was exciting and exciting, you will see the video below on what I have experienced the first day. Over all it was exciting I got to meet up with Tracking202 CEO Wes Mahler and did not realize my hotel was next to his Mac Mansion (soon to be). So we had a night out and that night there were already pre parties for Ad:Tech, but I was tired from the flight so I didn't bother with them. I just chilled and learned a lot from Wes that night.

Touring San Francisco was amazing - there were a lot of hills and ups and downs, as well as wind! I took the San Francisco experience and took a trolley around town. I met up with Bob and Krystyl and we all toured San Francisco. I am use to the city and San Francisco is really not much different with the exception of the wind. I wanted to go a cross the Golden Bridge but it was too windy, so windy I thought I was going to be picked up and carried away, that is how strong it was.

Some Pictures:

After that night was gone by I went to the hotel to get ready for tomorrow. I uploaded a video of myself with my phone but for some reason it is not viewable on the YouTube network but on the mobile via my phone it was viewable and playable... strange. The next 2 days or so I will talk about the keynotes and the experience from Ad-Tech, exciting!

Ad Tech Wrap Up:

Ad Tech was very exciting but in my nature of online marketing right now it did not seem to fit me. Affiliate Summit West proved to be more beneficial to me just because everyone was a blogger or an affiliate. Ad-Tech is I think geared towards the bigger businesses and startups. A lot of apps and services range from $1k to $40k a month. A lot of the services also looks for heavy volume, so not a lot of the booths really appealed to me nor did it proved to be in my nature, but a good thing to know.

There were affiliate networks there but not a lot of affiliate networking, whenever I spoke to someone it would be either about them being a writer, coder, marketing, media buyer etc. So it really did not pertain to me too much and we really did not have that much to talk about because I was just really not that interested at this time, later down the line maybe.

Tomorrow I will talk about the first day and the keynote itself - just a lot of unpacking I have to do and to get ready for. Also, this weekend I will be ready to setup my LLC and look at new credit cards!

Well here is a video of all the mini videos and picture mashup.

Apologize for grammar and typos, I will start to get back in my editing once I finish unpacking. 🙂

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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